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Peachtree City

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Responds to fire alarms and uses firefighting skills to evaluate and carry out actions to most efficiently control the emergency at hand; assists with the fighting of structural fires.
 Responds to medical emergencies and uses EMS skills to evaluate, treat, stabilize and transport patients to the appropriate medical facility as allowed by Georgia’s scope of practice and department protocols.
 Responds to natural and man-made disasters; participates in emergency response activities.
 Completes required reports detailing fire and medical incident responses.
 Drives and operates firefighting and EMS vehicles, apparatus and equipment as assigned.
 Completes required training and maintains required certifications.
 Inspects equipment to ensure that it is in proper working order; washes and cleans equipment on a regular basis; repairs and performs routine maintenance on equipment; ensures the proper functioning of all emergency medical equipment and vehicles.
 Maintains an adequate inventory of supplies aboard emergency vehicles; conducts regular inspections.
 Provides fire prevention information to the public; assists in teaching fire safety and CPR classes; provides tours of the fire station.
 Performs inspections and pre-incident planning for City businesses.
 Completes fire hydrant and hose inspections and testing.



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