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Water and Sewer Technician

Villa Rica

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City of Villa Rica                                                       Class Specification


Job Title:  Water and Sewer Technician


Job Summary:  Under direct supervision performs a variety of semi-skilled and manual work involved in the maintenance, installation and repair of the City’s water distribution system to ensure the proper operation of the system to deliver a safe drinking water supply to the public.

Water and Sewer Technician:   This is an entry-level position in the Water Distribution and Sewer Department.  This position is distinguished by the performance of the more routine tasks and duties assigned to other positions within the department. 


Major Duties:

  • Performs a full range of general repair duties related to the City’s water distribution system: repair broken water lines including transmission mains, distribution mains and residential and commercial water service lines; performs hot taps under pressure; disinfects new water pipes or parts used for repairs and utilizes other proper repair techniques to provide sanitary water to the public.
  • Performs a full range of system maintenance duties including installing and maintaining all equipment associated with water distribution system; maintains and replaces commercial and residential fire hydrants; installs new and maintain existing blow off valves used to flush water to maintain quality.
  • Performs a full range of general maintenance duties including to clean and maintain properties that are part of the water system; maintain and overall cleanliness of pressure regulators, vaults, sewer mains and fire hydrants.
  • Performs meter maintenance and exchange duties; repairs leaks, tests and replaces water meters of various sizes; installs new meter service lines for newly developed properties; reads meters and performs shut-offs as required.
  • Repairs asphalt and concrete after repairs to water distribution system; makes temporary street patches as necessary.
  • Operates a variety of vehicles, equipment and tools including service trucks, dump trucks, sewer trucks, backhoe, concrete and asphalt cutting saws, jackhammer, soil compacting tamper and hand and power tools; loads and unloads vehicles and equipment.
  • Serves in emergency standby capacity; provides customer service and performs all aspects of distribution system maintenance and repair during after hour periods including holidays and weekends.
  • Maintains records of basic operations, maintenance and work performed.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


Knowledge Required by the Position:

  • Operational characteristics of water distribution system.
  • Knowledge of City and department policies and procedures.
  • Knowledge of safety rules and regulations.
  • Knowledge of material commonly used in construction, maintenance and repair activities as related to assigned areas.
  • Operational characteristics of maintenance and construction equipment and tools used in work activities.
  • Skills in performing various manual labor assignments as needed.
  • Ability to interpret instructions and efficiently carry them out with general supervision.
  • Ability to perform tasks involving heavy manual labor.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with co-workers and the general.


Supervisory Controls:  The supervisor or foreman assigns work.  Works is spot-checked in progress and reviewed with completed for accuracy, nature and propriety of the final results.


Guidelines:  Guidelines include City and departmental safety policies and procedures, as well as supervisory instructions.  These guidelines are clear and specific, but may require some interpretation in application.


Complexity:  The work consists of related water and sewer duties.


Scope and Effect:  The purpose of this position is to perform water and sewer lines maintenance using manual labor.  Successful performance helps ensure safe and efficient Public Works services, as well as a positive public image for the City.


Personal Contacts:   Contacts are typically with co-workers. 


Purpose of Contacts:  Contacts are typically accessed to exchange information and provide services.


Physical Demands:  The work is typical performed with the employee intermittently sitting, standing, walking, bending, crouching or stooping.  The employee must frequently lift light and heavy objects, equipment and material, climb ladders and use tools or equipment requiring a moderate degree of dexterity.


Work Environment:  The work is typically performed outdoors.  The employee may be exposed to noise, dust, dirt irritating chemicals, machinery with moving parts, and occasional hot, cold or inclement weather.  This work may require the use of protective devices such as masks, goggles, headwear or gloves.


Supervisory and Management Responsibility:  None


Minimum Qualifications:


High school diploma or equivalent; valid State of Georgia Driver’s License; equivalent combination of education and experience.


Requirements to meet within 24 months after the completion of six-month probationary period:



Attends Distribution Systems Operations and Maintenance Training

            Level 1A Soil Erosion Blue Card

            Trench Excavation/Competent Person Certificate

     Department of Transportation Flagger Certificate

Application can be found at the City Website or at City Hall.  Please complete Application and Voluntary Self Identification form.


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