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Senior Staff Attorney


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This position is responsible for: handling complex legal matters to include litigation in state and federal courts; drafting, reviewing and editing contracts; drafting resolutions, ordinances and policies; providing legal counsel and representation to the Mayor and Augusta, Georgia Commission, Administrator, government officers and elected officials, department directors, boards, authorities and employees in their official capacities and renders complex written and verbal legal opinions. Based on need, as determine by General Counsel, this position may include the handling of all matters handled by the Law Department and is anticipated to specifically include, but not be limited to, handling issues and litigation of employment, human resources,  compliance, and EEOC. At the direction of General Counsel, may manage legal services provided by outside counsel; supervise staff attorneys, law clerks, legal interns, paralegals, and administrative staff; and preside at public meetings of the Augusta, Georgia Commission and other boards and authorities, as well as public hearings.  Reports to General Counsel and/or Deputy General Counsel at the discretion of General Counsel.




  • Serves as legal counsel and provides representation, legal advice, and legal support to Mayor, Augusta, Georgia Commission, Augusta, Georgia‚Äôs elected officials, Administrator, various departments, board and authorities, specifically including, but not be limited to, handling issues of employment, human resources,  compliance, and EEOC, and any other subject matter areas assigned by General Counsel.
  • Manages  and conduct administrative and judicial litigation and provides legal representation in complex federal, state and administrative litigation proceedings using knowledge of and experience practicing under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the Georgia Civil Practice Act and the Georgia Uniform Rules of Superior Court, specifically including, but not be limited to, issues of employment, human resources,  compliance, and EEOC.
  • Manages, supervises, mentors, and trains staff attorneys, legal interns, paralegals and administrative personnel as directed by General Counsel and /or Deputy General Counsel.  When selected, may participate in the recruitment and selection of staff attorneys, interns and staff personnel.
  • Attends meetings of the Augusta, Georgia Commission/Committee, authorities, boards, commission, planning and zoning hearings, and staff meetings as assigned and directed by General Counsel and /or Deputy General Counsel and at the direction of the General Counsel and /or Deputy General Counsel, serves as legal counsel to Augusta, Georgia Commission during its Committee, Full Session, Closed Legal and Special Called meetings.
  • Renders written and verbal legal opinions to Augusta, Georgia Commission, Mayor, Administrator and Department Directors as directed by General Counsel and /or Deputy General Counsel . Upon approval, may write and publish legal articles pertaining to local government or areas of practice.
  • Conducts legal training and provide legal supervision of various departments and other personnel as to current law and consultation, pursuant to the direction of General Counsel.
  • Maintains high level of professional skills through attending conferences and seminars in relevant areas of law.
  • Performs other related duties and all Law Department directives as assigned. Maintains professional demeanor and dress at all times.



Education:    Juris Doctorate Degree.  

Experience:  Four (4) or more years of experience in local government law, litigation, and real estate, or similar and sufficient experience to perform principal duties and responsibilities of the position, to include three (3) or more years providing legal representation, counsel and guidance in matters of Human Resources, Title VII, ADA, ADEA, EEOC, and/or other areas of employment and labor law. 

Certification:  Must be an active member of the Georgia Bar Association and in good standing.

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