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Citizen Engagement Specialist


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The Citizen Engagement Specialist will be responsible for the frequency, diversity and level of engagement of community residents; processes for meaningful citizen engagement; participation for a broad cross-section of the community; and a consistent and long-term engagement in community affairs. The position will provide expertise in internal and external communications, public relations and media relations. Work includes extensive writing, editing, social media initiatives, measuring outcomes and working in a collaborative team environment.  Essential duties include:

  • Improve citizens’ knowledge and skills in problem solving
  • Integrate citizens from different backgrounds
  • Create networks of community members
  • Create diverse opportunities for discussing concerns
  • Increase trust in local governance
  • Development and Coordination of innovative promotional initiatives for the City and its Departments.
  • Development of creative materials for City and Department public events, and public engagement activities
  • Developing and coordinating communication materials, marketing campaigns and strategies to promote community initiatives
  • Selection of tools for citizen participation
  • Identifying and recruiting participants for initiatives
  • Designing benchmarks and criteria for evaluation
  • Creating a positive environment for citizen engagement
  • Development of creative, innovative and interactive programs to extend the City’s outreach to the public
  • Development and maintenance of City newsletter, website and other forms of communication and engagement
  • Provides knowledge of Griffin history, city government and all departments within the City in order to tell Griffin’s story and provide relevant and accurate information to the community and to the media
  • Responsible for all aspects of Citizens Government Academy classes and ongoing communication to CGA graduates
  • Creates and maintains an internal communications toolbox and helps develop guidelines for graphical use of city logo
  • Maintains department files in accordance with records retention policies
  • Performs other related duties.

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