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Police Officer


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This position performs police work involving the protection of life and property, the enforcement of laws, and the investigation of crime. 

  • Answers calls relayed by a dispatcher, to include: domestic disputes, burglaries, suspicious characters, traffic accidents, etc.
  • Patrols assigned geographical area of the city in order to monitor businesses, residences and public areas.
  • Writes reports and completes forms, including incident and accident reports.
  • Apprehends and cites traffic law violators; directs traffic in congested areas as needed.
  • Provides first aid and CPR as needed.
  • Testifies in judicial proceedings when necessary.
  • Assists other departmental units and other law enforcement agencies as requested.
  • Secures and preserves the scenes of crimes and fatal traffic accidents until appropriate support units arrive and assists with investigation.
  • Performs public service duties, such as assisting lost and stranded motorists, entering locked cars, providing transportation to citizens in need, etc.
  • Arrests and takes prisoners into custody; processes persons arrested.
  • Inspects weapons and patrol car; monitors patrol car maintenance.
  • Performs related duties.


  • Knowledge of city geography and road systems.
  • Knowledge of local, state and federal laws.
  • Knowledge of departmental policies and procedures.
  • Skill in the safe operation of a motor vehicle while monitoring area for suspicious and/or criminal activity and during emergency situations.
  • Skill in first aid and CPR applications.
  • Skill in oral and written communication.
  • Skill in the use of firearms and other weapons and in the use of physical force.
  • Skill in observing and accurately recalling details.
  • Skill in operating a computer and other electronic devices.
  • Skill in multi-tasking.
  • Skill in making rapid judgment calls and in problem solving.

Guidelines include department policies and procedures and federal, state, and local laws and ordinances.  These guidelines are generally clear and specific, but may require some interpretation in application.

  • The work consists of varied duties related to the enforcement of local, state, and federal laws.  Potentially dangerous and life threatening situations contribute to the complexity of the position.
  • The purpose of this position is to participate in law enforcement activities.  Successful performance contributes to the efficiency of department operations.


  • Contacts are typically with co-workers, representatives of other departments, the general public, school personnel, students, victims, witnesses, offenders, and representatives of federal, state, and local law enforcement and judicial agencies.
  • Contacts are typically to give or exchange information, resolve problems, and provide services.


  • The work is typically performed while intermittently sitting, standing, walking, bending, crouching, or stooping. The employee frequently lifts light and heavy objects, runs short distances, uses tools or equipment requiring a high degree of dexterity, and distinguishes between shades of color.
  • The work is typically performed in an office, patrol car, and outdoors. The employee may be exposed to noise, machinery with moving parts, and occasional cold or inclement weather. Work requires the use of specialized law enforcement equipment.


  • Knowledge and level of competency commonly associated with completion of specialized training in the field of work, in addition to basic skills typically associated with a high school education.
  • Possession of or ability to readily obtain a valid driver’s license issued by the State of Georgia for the type of vehicle or equipment operated.
  • Ability to meet current requirements set forth by the Police Standards and Training Council for the minimum qualifications for an individual to be considered for employment as a Police Officer with the Department include: 
    • Must be twenty-one years of age.
    • Never having been convicted of a felony crime. 
    • Possess a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent. 
    • Valid Georgia Driver's License and good driving record. 
    • U.S. Citizen who is physically and mentally able to perform the essential job functions of the position
    • Pass a detailed background investigation. 
  • If an applicant meets the minimum requirements they may be asked to continue a process that includes: 
    • An interview process
    • A written exam (mathematics, spelling, grammar and reading)
    • Medical Examination
    • Drug Screen
    • Psychological Evaluation

Applications may be picked up at City Hall or resumes may be submitted via

Police Officer applications will be accepted until all Ashburn Police Department positions are filled.

Any further questions? Contact Chief C. Jordan by email at

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