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Code Enforcement Officer


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JOB TITLE: Code Enforcement Officer
JOB SUMMARY: This position is responsible for the administration of the city's zoning ordinance, subdivision regulations and code of ordinances.  This position is also responsible for and performs highly skilled and complex inspections ensuring compliance with building codes in all functional areas including structural, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical codes. Receives permit requests; makes inspections of buildings and other structures to insure compliance with related ordinance; performs zoning inspections as needed and assists in enforcement of Occupational Tax Ordinance.
Responds to inquiries from the public and government officials; performs special inspection tasks.  Incumbent works alone and makes independent decisions requiring technical and administrative discretion and judgement. Performs other related duties as assigned, in support of customer needs and organizational objectives.
* Administers the city's zoning, sign, subdivision regulations and code of ordinances.
* Coordinates the review of subdivision plans and administration of subdivision regulations with developers, engineers, planning staff, other city employees, and the general public; prepares reports for presentation to the Planning Commission; records and maintains minutes of Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals proceedings.
* Reviews and prepares zoning reports in conjunction with the general public, various planners and other city employees; prepares reports and minutes for presentation to the Planning Commission.
* Reviews all special use, variance, zoning applications and site plans for compliance with the zoning and other related ordinances; conducts on-site inspections as needed.
* Provides administrative support to the Board of Zoning Appeals and Planning Commission by preparing the agenda, minutes of meetings, and all correspondence; serves on staff committees as assigned.
* Drafts amendments to the zoning ordinance and subdivision regulations as required.
* Ensures that land uses are located in proper zones and in compliance with zoning ordinances.
* Inspects all signs for compliance with construction, location, and setback requirements.
* Prepares zoning verification correspondence and answers public inquiries regarding zoning and subdivision issues; mediates complex disputes between parties.
             * Receives applications for or notices of building permits; checks plans for work in assigned area; receives                       notice of building construction and alteration underway; receives requests for inspections; makes building,           plumbing, mechanical and/or electrical inspections to determine conformance with laws, ordinances and             codes; checks areas specific to assignment.
            * Administers the permitting function, including application, fee assessment and collection, permit                       issuance, inspection, and occupancy.
            * Coordinates plan reviews, inspections, and enforcement actions with various city departments.
            * Maintains records of inspections made and prepares reports; informs property owners, contractors,                    builders, and supervisors of violations of code requirements; investigates complaints.
            * Receives and responds to inquiries from the public and builders in regard to regulations and practices;   assists in developing inspection schedules; participates in meetings and conferences.
            * Researches problems and complaints regarding commercial and residential buildings, building                construction and code compliance. Responds to complex and sensitive building issues.
            * Resolves complex and sensitive customer service issues, either personally, by telephone or in writing.               Maintains records and documents of customer service issues and resolutions.
            * Reviews proposed subdivisions for code compliance.
            * Performs the duties of a plans examiner, or mechanical, plumbing or electrical inspector as needed and                as qualified.
            * Prepares and presents legal testimony.
            * Performs specialized inspection tasks specific to area of assignment.
* Performs other related duties as assigned.
* Knowledge of the principles and practices of planning, zoning, land use, and inspection.
* Knowledge of the city's zoning ordinance, subdivision regulations and code of ordinances.
* Skill in the use of a personal computer and word processing, spreadsheet, and database software              packages.
* Skill in preparing and delivering public presentations.
* Skill in reviewing site plans and subdivision plats.
* Skill in public and interpersonal relations.
* Skill in the use of such office equipment as a calculator, copier, facsimile machine, and telephone.
            * Thorough knowledge of uniform building codes and electrical codes, plumbing codes, mechanical codes, general construction codes, and a thorough knowledge of carpentry; Knowledge of local and State codes and ordinances applicable to building, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical building standards such as IPM and IUWC.
            * Considerable knowledge of methods and techniques of construction in the areas of electrical work, carpentry work, cement work, or plumbing, and skill in applying knowledge of national uniform building codes, zoning and land use applications.
           * Knowledge of terminology, tools, and materials associated with building construction, plumbing, electricity, heating, air conditioning, sanitation and/or other areas related to specific areas of functional responsibility.
           * Ability to read blueprints and drawings.
           * Ability to maintain accurate records, to prepare clear, and concise reports, and to make effective                           presentations.
           * Ability to establish and maintain productive working relationships with others.
           * Ability to prepare clear, correct and concise legal testimony regarding violators.
           * Ability to communicate effectively in writing and orally.
           * Ability to work independently without close supervision, as well as with a team, and to follow through to task completion.
           * Ability to explain, interpret, and enforce codes and regulations firmly, tactfully, and impartially.
           * Willingness and ability to demonstrate commitment to the job, team and organization.
GUIDELINES: Guidelines include relevant state and federal laws, the city zoning and other ordinances, and building codes. These guidelines require judgment, selection, and interpretation in application.
COMPLEXITY: The work consists of varied planning duties. The need to be sensitive to political factors and legal issues contribute to the complexity of the work.
PERSONAL CONTACTS: Contacts are typically with co-workers, other city employees, attorneys, real estate developers, engineers, architects, city officials and department heads, business representatives, and building inspectors.
PURPOSE OF CONTACTS: Contacts are typically to give and exchange information, resolve problems, provide services, and negotiate and settle matters.
            PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Physical and mental ability to perform the essential tasks of the job including climbing, bending, kneeling, stooping, crouching, crawling, standing, walking, speaking, hearing, and the             ability to lift up to 50 pounds; ability to work at moderate heights and in close spaces; visual acuity     sufficient to notice building and electrical defects; ability to work outdoors in all weather conditions;          ability to compare data and characteristics, to compile, analyze, and synthesize information.
* Knowledge and level of competency commonly associated with the completion of a baccalaureate degree in a course of study related to occupational field.
* Experience sufficient to thoroughly understand the work of subordinate positions to be able to answer questions and resolve problems, usually associated with one to three years experience or service.
* Possession of or ability to readily obtain a valid driver's license issued by the State of Georgia for the type of vehicle or equipment operated.
* This position requires a Level 1 certification through the Georgia Association of Code Enforcement (GACE).
Position open until filled

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