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Director of Planning & Development

Rockdale County

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Job Summary

The responsibilities of this position span comprehensive planning, development review, zoning administration and enforcement, economic development, and engineering services related to drainage issues and stormwater management. This position is appointed by the Chairman of the Rockdale County Board of Commissioners who provides general oversight in terms of general goals and policies. Work includes supervision of professional, technical, and support staff and management of outside consultants. The employee in this class exercises substantial independent thinking within the limits of guidelines but occasionally outside the guidelines in order to satisfy the needs of the community. Work requires management and analysis skills and sound judgment to accomplish diverse duties.

Essential Functions

Essential Functions: These are intended only as illustrations of the various types of work performed. The omission of specific duties does not exclude them from the position.

Responsible for the operation, planning, administration, financial management, and intergovernmental relations for infrastructure activities (excluding Transportation and Water Resources Department operations) throughout the county.

Directs and provides oversight for short and long-range goals and objectives for planning and development-related activities.

Directs, identifies, and oversees the implementation of drainage and stormwater-related capital improvement projects for consideration.

Directs, prepares, and oversees cost estimates, negotiates and secures relevant engineering contracts, program design, and construction activities.

Directs and oversees the department activities.

Directs and coordinates requests for assistance from other county departments, government agencies, or private organizations.

Directs and oversees the coordination of the department budget.

Prepares various technical reports and recommendations regarding department matters to the Board of Commissioners, other government agencies, and private foundations.

Acts as County representative on behalf of the Chairman of the Rockdale County Board of Commissioners on local, state, and regional matters related to planning, land use, development, and related matters.

Responds to claims against the county testify in court and answers interrogatories on development, planning, and zoning issues.

Represents Rockdale County on technical issues for the Atlanta Regional Commission, Environmental Protection Division, Environmental Protection Agency, and related infrastructure and planning matters. Prepares grant applications and various alternate funding mechanisms for Rockdale County in the areas of planning, development, and zoning projects.

Develops and implements plans for financing of public improvements related to stormwater management projects.

Negotiates services and fees of consulting firms on a variety of planning contracts.

Attends and participates in budget conferences with the Rockdale County Board of Commissioners. Responds to employee grievances; interviews hires and disciplines employees.

Selects supervises and evaluates Department personnel; oversees employee relations and grievances and oversees supervisory training and staff development programs.

Directs, develops, and oversees written and oral reports to the Rockdale County Board of Commissioners on a variety of policies and programs.

Performs and assigns research for new programs or technological improvements in the planning, zoning, and business development areas.

Develops, oversees, and reviews proposed changes to county codes affecting the Planning and Development Department and ensures compliance with legal requirements, state, local, and federal regulations and directives.

Analyzes complex technical and administrative problems, evaluating alternative solutions, and adopting effective courses of action.

Establishes and maintains cooperative working relationships with a variety of citizens, public and private organizations, boards, and commissions at the local and state levels. 

Coordinates fostering of partnerships among public, private, and intergovernmental agencies to ensure the efficient construction and implementation of public agency projects.

Develops "non-traditional" technical and planning procedures and operations in pursuit of efficient use of public funds.

Additional Duties:

The employee in this classification may be expected to perform any related duties as required by proper authority.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Advanced knowledge of state and federal laws and regulations related to public agency construction, maintenance, land use, development practices, and zoning rules and regulations.

Advanced knowledge of alternative funding mechanisms for public agency construction projects.

Advanced knowledge of grant writing for purposes of funding for planning, development, and infrastructure projects.

Advanced knowledge of principles and practices of leadership, management, and supervision.

Advanced knowledge of the principles and practices of the inter-relationships between various government agencies of the planning, zoning, and business development arenas.

Advanced knowledge of funding sources impacting program service development.

Advanced knowledge of social, political, and environmental issues influencing program administration. Advanced knowledge of the principles and practices of effective employee supervision.

Advanced knowledge of the development of a master plan for a variety of infrastructure projects.

Advanced knowledge of the inter-relationships between the planning and the construction of a variety of infrastructure projects.

General knowledge of civil engineering, design, and construction.

General knowledge of administration, budgeting, and program management.

Ability to be a creative problem-solver with strong oral and written skills.

Ability to work with a diverse group of constituencies with the potential of conflicting viewpoints and agendas.

Working Conditions

The work is typically performed in an office and may require field visits during inclement weather and occasionally involving rough terrain.

Minimum Qualifications

1)    Bachelor's degree in planning, public or business administration, urban policy, civil engineering, or a related field.

2)    Ten (10) years of progressively responsible related experience (e.g., in planning, urban policy, public administration, public works administration, or the civil engineering field) including at least five (5) years of experience involving management of a variety of programs and supervision of a sizable professional/administrative staff in one or more of the above fields.


1)    Master's degree in planning, public or business administration, urban policy, civil engineering, or a related field.

2)    Local government experience in one or more of the above fields.


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