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Police Officer


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Electric Lineworker

Starting Salary: $19.98/hr.

Duties include:

· Constructs, repairs and maintains underground and overhead electrical distribution lines.

· Constructs, repairs and maintains underground and overhead Telecommunication System.

· Trims trees around energized electrical power lines.

· Installs poles, anchors, guys, wood arms, fiberglass arms and insulators.

· Troubleshoots problems; locates short circuits, grounds and other sources of power failure; makes repairs.

· Drives and operates a bucket and digger derrick truck to install transformers, poles, and guy rods.

· Operates trenchers, jack hammers, air compressors, hand tools, grounding cables, climbing gear, blocks, ropes,  metering devices, and other specialized equipment.

· Reads and interprets electrical schematics of systems and diagrams, maps and blueprints.

· Responds to after-hours emergencies.

· Works on energized electrical power lines in a variety of weather conditions.

· Works at heights greater than ten feet to install equipment or connectors; climbs poles and ladders.

· Excavates and installs underground utilities; utilizes equipment to locate underground faults and utilities.

· Repairs and maintains streetlights.

· Turns customer services on and off as directed.

· Installs holiday and other special decorations.


The City of Sandersville offers a wide variety of benefits including:

   Individual & Family Health and dental Insurance plans.                          Insurance Buy Out Program

   Deferred Compensation Plan with City match.                               11 Paid Holidays per year

   City funded Pension Retirement plan, required 5 yrs vested service       $25,000 Life Ins policy; double accidental

  Supplemental insurance policies available:  Vision, long-term disability policies, and flexible spending account                                          

   Vacation days are provided to as follows; after 6 months of service 40 hours; after one years of service 80 hours; 5 

       years- 96 hours; 10 years-120 hours and over 15 years -160 hours and Sick leave is provided at the rate of 8 hours    

       per month.


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