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Police Officer


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Police Officer

Starting Salary: $16.37—Certified

                                 $14.82—Non certified

Duties include:

· Responds to any and all calls for service relayed by dispatcher, and or any assistance requested by any citizen or transient of our city to include: domestic disputes, burglaries, robberies, fights, suspicious characters, traffic          investigations, etc.

· Patrols assigned geographical areas of the city in order to monitor businesses, residences and public areas.

· Writes reports and completes forms, including incident and accident reports.

· Apprehends and cites traffic law violators; directs traffic in congested areas as needed.

· Provides first aid and CPR as needed.

· Testifies in judicial proceedings when necessary.

· Assists other departmental units and other law enforcement agencies as requested.

· Secures and preserves the scenes of crimes and fatal traffic accidents until appropriate support units arrive and assists with investigation.

· Performs public service duties, such as assisting lost and stranded motorists, entering locked cars, providing transportation to citizens in need, etc.

· Arrests and takes prisoners into custody; processes persons arrested.

· Inspects weapons and patrol car; monitors patrol car maintenance.

· Completes required training.

· Assists with security and traffic control at special events.

· Performs related duties.

The City of Sandersville offers a wide variety of benefits including:

   Individual & Family Health and dental Insurance plans        Insurance Buy Out Program

   Deferred Compensation Plan with City match                               11 Paid Holidays per year

   City funded Pension Retirement plan, required 5 yrs vested service       $25,000 Life Ins policy; double accidental

→   Vacation days are provided to as follows; after 6 months of service 43 hours; after one years of service 86 hours;   

       then increases at 5, 10, and over 15yrs.  

→   Take home car for officer living inside Washington County or within 15 miles of City Hall                                        

→   Supplemental insurance policies available        →    Sick Leave at 8.6hrs/month →   Uniforms

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