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County Manager

Appling County

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County Manager/Administrator

Purpose: This position shall be under the direct supervision of the Appling County Board of Commissioners.  The county manager shall have day to day "administrative" duties over operations of the Appling County Government.  The County Manager shall be responsible for the efficient administration and management of all Appling County departments.  The Manger maintains direct communication with all Constitutional officer and department supervisors to ensure all county department are functional in compliance with all federal, state and local laws, policies and procedures.  The Manager shall be subject to oversight by the Board of Commissioners. The title County Manager and/or Administractor shall refer to the same position.  Essential Job Duties: Develops policies and procedures relative to all county operations subject to board approval.  Provides written and verbal communications to all county operations regarding county policies and procedures changes. Review departmental budgets, compiles all budget requests, and prepares annual budget for board review and approval.  Keep the board of commissioners fully advised as to county financial condition and needs.  Oversees expenditures of county monies as the Chief Purchasing Agent for the county and insures adherence to the approved county budget budget subject to board approval. Serves as the County's Personnel Director and EEO Officer and oversees all county personnel matters subject to board approval.  (Including the appointment of all department heads with the approval of the Board of Commissioners; appoint and removal subordinate officers and employees in all departments with approval of the Board.)  Attends all board meetings and express administrative concerns and recommendations related to county matters but shall have no vote. Coordinates and oversees all county construction projects subject to board approval.  Negotiates leases, contracts and legal agreements and ensures all provisions are met. To see that all laws, county codes and ordinances are enforced. Job Description: To perform such duties as may be precribed in this act or rquired of the county manager by the direction, ordinance or resolution of the Board of Commissioners. Min. Qualifications needed to perform essential job functions; High school degree and minimum of five (5) years employment as a manager or supervisor.  Valid GA. Driver's License and complete a background investigation.  Preferred experience: Bachelor's degree or equivalent in public administration or related field and three (3) years direct experience as an administrator or manger in a local government operation perferred.  Location: Appling County Board of Commissioners office, Baxley, Ga. and/or various offices located in Appling County, Georgia. Appointment: The county manager shall be appointed by a majority vote of the Board of Commissioners of Appling County who shall determine and prescribe his or her compensation and term of office. Said Board of Commissioners may contract with the county manager on such terms as it may deem reasonable and prudent.  In the event of a vacancy in the office of county manager, the Board of Commissioners shall expeditiously proceed with due diligence to appoint in interim county manager.  In no such event shall the Board of Commissioners allow the office of county manager to remain vacant for a period in excess of four (4) weeks from the date said office became vacant.  Specifically, the Board of Commissioners shall at the least fill any vacancy in the office of county manager with an interim county manager within four weeks from the date of vacancy.  Furthermore, the Board of Commissioners shall advertise for the permanent position of county manager at the first opportunity upon vacancy of the office of county manager. 


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