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Annual On-Call Water and Sewer Emergency Operational Repair Maintenance and Construction

City of Stockbridge

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The City of Stockbridge, GA is seeking the services of a qualified Utility Contractor to provide routine utility construction/repair/maintenance services on an as-needed basis. The scope of services will consist of tasks assigned as individual tasks during the contract period. The type of work may include, but is not limited to, repair and/or replacement of the following: wastewater collection system and related infrastructure, water distribution system and related infrastructure and storm water system and related infrastructure and any other repair activities to be determined by the City. The Contractor shall be compensated based on proposals provided for individual tasks and the unit prices included in the Request for Proposal (RFP). This document is intended as a benchmark of the City’s minimum standards for utility construction/repair/maintenance services. However, the City respects the Contractor as a professional and as such, will take under consideration, any and all recommendations made by the Contractor. The City may assign specific tasks to a Contractor or to a different Contractor based on availability, turnaround time for completion of tasks, experience and other factors relevant to the task. For some tasks, the City may request a letter proposal from available Contractors that identify approach and costs associated with the task as the basis for the City’s decision on assignment of the task. The City does not guarantee either a minimum volume of work or a specific volume of work under this RFP. Work Items shall be bid in unit price for labor and equipment. Proposals provided in response to this RFP that comply with the submittal requirements set forth in the specifications, evaluation criteria and scope of work, Exhibits, including all forms and certifications, will be evaluated in accordance with the criteria and procedures described in the Evaluation Criteria. Based on the results of the evaluation, the City will award the Annual On-Call Water and Sewer Emergency Operational Repair Maintenance and Construction Services for the City of Stockbridge to the most advantageous Proposer based on the evaluation factors and the cost set forth in the RFP.

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