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Police Officer

City of Forest Park

Listing Summary

Pay Range: $40,591.98 - $64,337.95

Job Summary

• Patrols City streets, businesses, and residential areas and responds to calls for service and investigation of crimes.

• Enforces all applicable codes, ordinances, laws, and regulations (including traffic, criminal, and civil) in order to protect life and property, prevent crime, and promote security.

• Gathers, documents, and evaluates intelligence information relating to criminal activity; reviews police reports, statistical data, GCIC/NCIC bulletins, BOLO notices, pawn shop transaction records, and other information; analyzes data and identifies trends; disseminates intelligence and criminal activity information to management personnel, patrol units, other department personnel, or outside agencies; maintains intelligence files and informant files.

• Responds to crime scenes; determines nature/severity of incident; examines crime scenes for clues, evidence, and latent fingerprints; takes measurements, makes photographic records, and creates sketches/diagrams of crime scenes and evidence; locates, collects, records, preserves, analyzes, and processes evidence; collects or recovers fiber evidence, blood evidence, body fluids, biological samples, gunshot residue, or arson evidence; maintains control and chain-of-custody over physical evidence prior to delivery to department or laboratory; obtains and executes search warrants, seizure warrants, and/or arrest warrants; conducts searches of premises, property, or persons; recovers stolen property; seizes or confiscates illegal substances, contraband, or weapons.

• Identifies and interviews victims, witnesses, suspects, complainants, and other individuals; advises victims or other parties of their rights; records statements and verifies truth/accuracy of statements; conveys information for broadcast to other units/agencies; obtains background investigation reports; prepares photo lineups.

• Prepares reports and maintains case files to document investigative information; reviews all police reports and preliminary case documents; reviews evidence and investigates all possible leads in cases; reviews reports from crime laboratory, medical examiner’s office, or other authorities; determines chronological order of events; reviews criminal activity in area for similar method of operation; reviews suspect photographs or photo lineups.

• Determines whether sufficient evidence exists to substantiate an arrest; obtains arrest warrants, makes arrests, and processes prisoners; pursues suspects, apprehends/restrains suspects/criminals, and advises suspects of their rights; protects the rights of individuals in custody.

• Performs general law enforcement functions as needed; patrols designated areas to detect/deter criminal activity; prevents/discovers commission of crime; checks suspicious buildings, vehicles, persons, or situations; maintains high visibility in the community; issues citations; responds to traffic accidents/complaints; enforces vehicle operating laws, parking laws, and DUI laws; conducts field sobriety tests and evaluates ability of impaired drivers to operate motor vehicles; uses visual observation and radar/laser speed detection units to enforce speed laws; checks vehicle insurance, vehicle registrations, vehicle license tags, or vehicle identification numbers; provides traffic control, crowd control, police protection, or security escorts as appropriate; transports arrestees, victims, witnesses, members of the public, or other individuals as required.

• Issues and/or serves arrest warrants, search warrants, subpoenas, or other documentation as needed.

• Performs public service duties; provides general assistance to the public, such as providing directions, inspecting residential/business properties, assisting stranded motorists, or confining vicious animals; provides general information pertaining to safety, juvenile problems, civil/criminal matters, legal assistance, ordinances, or other issues.

• Operates a variety of standard and specialized machinery, equipment, and tools associated with law enforcement, which may include a police vehicle, standard/emergency vehicles, firearms, chemical weapons, emergency equipment, radar/laser equipment, alcohol testing equipment, drug testing kits, processing kits, handcuffs, restraining devices, baton, flashlight, fire extinguisher, measuring devices, patrol unit camera, photographic equipment, tape recorder, video recorder, radio/communications equipment, Kevlar vest, gas mask, helmet, safety equipment, telephone, hand tools, or general office equipment.

 • Inspects/maintains assigned police vehicle, uniform, weapons, or other equipment.

• Follows safety procedures, utilizes safety equipment, and monitors work environment to ensure safety of employees and other individuals; performs driving functions in a safe and efficient manner under various conditions, including day/night hours, congested traffic, adverse weather conditions, and emergency situations involving speeds in excess of posted limits.

• Requests status reports for driver’s license, driver’s histories, criminal histories, or other information from state/national (GCIC/NCIC) criminal information computer database.

• Conducts research of department files, court/legal records, database records, electronic data sources, Internet sites, hardcopy materials, criminal intelligence systems, records of other jurisdictions/agencies, or other sources as needed.

• Prepares or completes various forms, reports, correspondence, logs, investigative reports, status reports, case reports, case files, confidential information files, transcripts, witness statement forms, criminal statistics, crime logs/maps, incident reports, accident reports, impound sheets, miscellaneous reports, arrest/booking reports, Miranda waiver forms, use of force reports, intoxication reports, juvenile complaint forms, domestic violence forms, missing person reports, field interview reports, citations, summonses, notices, warrant applications, subpoenas, license suspension forms, evidence forms, crime laboratory submission forms, vehicle recovery sheets, diagrams, vehicle maintenance requests, vacation/leave requests, or other documents.

• Operates a computer to enter, retrieve, review, or modify data; utilizes word processing, database, spreadsheet, presentation, email, Internet, or other computer programs. • Maintains records, logs, and files of work activities; maintains current manuals, policies/procedures, bulletins, map books, and other materials for reference and/or review.

• Communicates in person, via telephone, and/or via two-way radio; provides information and assistance; responds to requests for service or assistance; communicates effectively and coherently over law enforcement radio channels while initiating and responding to radio communications.

• Communicates with supervisors, officers, employees, dispatchers, other divisions/departments, law enforcement agencies, fire personnel, emergency/medical personnel, jail personnel, court officials, attorneys, victims, complainants, prisoners, suspects, informants, school personnel, the public, the media, outside agencies, and other individuals as needed to obtain information, coordinate activities, review status of work, exchange information, or resolve problems.

• Responds to complaints and questions related to law enforcement issues and activities; mediates civil disputes; provides information, researches problems, and initiates problem resolution.

• Creates/maintains positive public relations with the general public; maintains and promotes peace and order in the community; performs community outreach operations.

• Attends shift meetings, training sessions, and seminars as required to remain knowledgeable of departmental operations/activities, to promote improved job performance, and to stay current with changing policies, procedures, codes, and criminal/civil case law; participates in physical fitness training and continuing education activities; reads professional literature; maintains professional affiliations.

• Performs general/clerical tasks, which may include making copies, sending/receiving faxes, filing documentation, or taking photographs.

• Provides assistance to other employees or departments

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