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Police Captain

City of Forest Park

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Department: POLICE
Job Status: Full-Time
Rate of Pay: $63,026.04 - $103,528.43


This position is responsible for planning, directing and coordinating operations of an assigned division which may include Administration, Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Homeland Security and/or Support Services.  

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develops and manage goals and objectives of assigned division; coordinates work processes and implementations; prepares schedules; coordinates with other departments, jurisdictions, citizens and agencies;
  • Directs and makes decisions in supervising, training, counseling and disciplining staff; reviews and takes appropriate personnel action;
  • Assist with preparation and implementation of the division budget; evaluates the adequacy of existing personnel, facilities and equipment and recommends appropriate replacement, alterations and additions; oversees and make recommendations referencing the approval of budget expenditures;
  • Orders inspections of personnel, facilities and equipment; attends roll call; conducts unannounced vehicle inspections; reviews maintenance log of equipment;
  • Monitors Division’s activity to ensure compliance to rules and policies for operational effectiveness;
  • Directs, coordinates, and reviews the Division work plan; 
  • Represents the Department at various city, county, state and federal meetings; 
  • Review and/or develop policies, take ownership of directives and ensure the compliance thereof, monitor the activities/performance of subordinates;
  • Directs division operations; monitors communications and activities and responding to include incident scenes, taking command; participates in programs/events, strategic planning and project development and implementation; oversees the development and distribution of various reports; analyzes data to monitor current traffic and crime activity; reviews and resolves complaints; appears in court to testify; directs and assists in writing specifications for equipment and supplies and makes recommendations concerning their bids; maintains inventory of assets; develops and implements approved training programs;
  • Reviews and analyzes crime data statistics; develops strategies to impact crime trends;
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

 Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of procedures, methods and techniques in law enforcement patrol, crime prevention, investigations, apprehension, criminal process and arrest;
  • Knowledge of principles of supervision, training and performance evaluation; and so forth;
  • Skill in managing large-scale and complex law enforcement operations;
  • Skill in coordinating various departmental functions to ensure efficient services in a cost effective and timely fashion;
  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing;
  • Knowledge of principles and modern methods of law enforcement administration including organization, fiscal management, program planning, implementation and administration;
  • Skill in decision-making and planning, organizing, analyzing and resolving problems;
  • Ability to plan, organize, direct, coordinate and provide leadership; ability to identify and solve problem;
  • Ability to coordinate and initiate actions, implement decisions and recommendations;
  • Ability to explain policy procedures or recommendations on a wide variety of law enforcement issues; ability to interpret complex regulations, laws and guidelines;
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with representatives of other agencies or governmental units, community groups, and others contacted in the course of the work;
  • Ability to deal tactfully and professionally with others in controversial situations.

 Special Qualifications:

  • Eligible to obtain (within 9 months after date of employment) or in current possession of a valid Georgia Basic Peace Officer Standard Training (P.O.S.T.) certification.
  • Eligible to obtain or in current possession of a valid Georgia driver's license.

Education and Experience:

Requires a Bachelor's Degree (Master’s Degree preferred) from an accredited institution with a valid transcript at the time of testing in criminal justice, business administrations, public administrations and/or related field is required; five (5) years of increasingly responsible supervisory experience within police operations, including at least 1 year in a police mid-level command position (rank of lieutenant). 

Supervisory Controls:  

Works under the supervision of superior authority which may include Major, Deputy Chief etc.


Guidelines include federal and state laws, criminal and traffic laws, City ordinances, City policies and procedures, departmental policies and procedures and court decisions.    


This position is responsible for broad administrative duties and daily operations. These responsibilities require collecting data, analyzing results and implementing a plan to reduce criminal activity.  Such duties require much attention to detail and resourcefulness.  

Scope and Effect: 

The purpose of this position is to direct the operations of an assigned division which may include Administrative, Criminal Investigative, Support Services, Homeland Security and/or Operations Division within the Police Department.  

Personal Contacts: 

Contacts are typically with co-workers, subordinates, other law enforcement and public safety agencies, city employees, attorneys, judges and the general public.

Purpose of Contacts: 

Contacts are typically to give and exchange information, resolve problems and provide services.

Physical Demands: 

Work may be both sedentary in an office environment and in the field. Fieldwork may subject incumbent to extended periods of physical and mental exertion under highly stressful situations. The employee must be proficient with departmental equipment. The individual must have correctable hearing, visual and speaking abilities to perform assigned duties. Visual acuity in both eyes, normal color vision, good accommodation and no field deficits; hear in-person, radio and telephone conversations; recognize differences or changes in sound patterns, loudness or pitch; speak audibly and clearly; sit or stand for prolonged periods; walk, run, kneel, stoop, crawl and crouch; push, pull or drag an adult (averaging 150 pounds); lift and carry boxes of evidence (average 30 pounds); use force to restrain/subdue others; work efficiently for long periods of time.

Work Environment: 

Work is performed either in an office environment or in a variety of field and office settings and may require exposure to dangerous and life-threatening situations. Must be willing to carry a firearm on and off the job; mentally and physically capable of taking the life of another, if justified; willing to work any hour of the day or night (shift work), overtime, weekends, on call and holidays; work at any location in the city and travel on specific assignments.

Supervisory and Management Responsibility:  

Normal exercises supervision over lieutenants, sergeants, officers (non-supervisory) and support positions as assigned.  

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