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Salary Range:$25.41 To 32.04 Hourly


You may begin the online application by clicking the “apply” button located in the top right corner or at the bottom of this page. Once you provide the required information, you must return to this page and choose one of the two options below. You can click to submit the remainder of your application electronically or you can choose to print and fill out the remainder of the application and deliver it in person. Both versions of the application require special documents and consent forms.  

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If you are applying for a position with the Hall County Sheriff's Office and have any questions about the application process, please email or call 770-718-2350.  


Investigates all criminal violation reports initiated by themselves and uniformed patrol officers to assure all crimes committed against persons or property in Hall County are thoroughly investigated, suspects questioned, and leads followed until a case is resolved and successfully prosecuted.


Accepts calls from uniform patrol deputies; responds to crime scenes and receives initial report from deputies.

Interviews complainants, witnesses, victims, and informants to decipher information as to the facts of the case; follows all leads and prepares reports.

Coordinates activities at crime scenes; identifies, collects, and marks physical evidence; photographs crime scene; processes evidence for fingerprints or any other clues for suspects and motive for crimes; may attend autopsies to gather information on the cause of death. 

Identifies stolen property through investigative research, insurance records and through other law enforcement agencies.

Analyzes investigative information and develops a plan of action; questions suspects on a particular crime; obtains search warrants; checks pawn shops and business known to deal in stolen goods; questions known criminals with past histories of similar crimes.

Informs suspects of their rights and attempts to get a confession; when sufficient evidence is gathered, obtains arrest warrant and makes arrest; contacts victim and gives them progress reports; asks them to identify found evidence if applicable.

Conducts surveillance, stakeout, undercover, and special surveillance operations; writes reports detailing the facts and investigative methods used; recovers stolen property and assures its safekeeping for trial.

Assists the Office of the District Attorney to prepare and present cases in various courts; assures pertinent facts are presented in a clear, concise, and accurate manner to assure conviction; recommends sentences to the District Attorney and confers with the Judge on matters pertaining to the case.     

Incumbents must pass the Physical Ability Assessment to be hired and annually thereafter. The assessment includes, but is not limited to, a Modified Balke Treadmill Test, Physical Ability Course, and Varied Terrain/perimeter walk.

  • The Modified Balke Treadmill Test involves walking on an incline going up to a steep grade for a total of 16 minutes. 
  • The Physical Ability Course will consist of navigation of steps, pushups & planks, navigation of wall/stationary objects, pushing and pulling an apparatus 50 ft., punching/kneeing/striking a heavy bag, and applying handcuffs.
  • The Varied Terrain/Perimeter Walk involves navigating uneven/rough terrain over a designated course.

Regular and predictable attendance is required.

Performs other related duties as required. 


When assigned to Person Crimes Investigations:

Performs all investigators’ duties in crimes specifically related to the areas of Child molestation, cruelty to children, aggravated child molestation, statutory rape or other sexual abuse cases where a minor is the victim or offender. 

Investigates crimes against persons, such as Homicide, aggravated assault, robbery, kidnapping, etc...

Coordinates efforts with the Department of Family and Children's Services investigating child physical and sexual abuse cases.

Performs other related duties as required.


When assigned to the Multi-Agency Narcotics Squad (MANS):

Performs investigative work aimed at curbing the flow of illegal narcotics in and out of Hall County; coordinates efforts with the Gainesville Police Department and other law enforcement agencies within Hall County, as well as the Sheriff's Department in carrying out objectives as set forth by the Sheriff of Hall County and the Gainesville Police Chief.

Initiates narcotics investigations from information obtained from the general public and informants; conducts and coordinates these investigations with other members of the MANS unit.

Prepares search warrants for the purpose of discovering and recovering illegal narcotics and drugs; prepares case reports and records for case preparation and prosecution; delivers reports to the District Attorney for prosecution.

Provides assistance and security to other narcotics investigators carrying out undercover operations, drug buys, and stake out operations; conducts searches, obtains evidence for testing and preserves it for courtroom use; testifies in court as necessary.

He or she must be able to satisfactory complete a limited background inquiry to maintain Federal Deputization through the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Performs other related duties as required.    


When assigned to the North Georgia Major Offender Task Force:

Performs investigative work the focus of which is curbing and eliminating criminal street gangs in and around Hall County, coordinates investigative efforts with the Gainesville Police Department, Oakwood Police Department, Flowery Branch Police Department as well as the Hall County Sheriff’s Office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Office of Homeland Security in achieving the objectives set forth in the Mission Statement of the current Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Hall County Sheriff’s Office and the Gainesville Police Department.

Will initiate investigations targeted at and including , but not limited to, organized crime groups responsible for drug trafficking, money laundering, alien smuggling, crimes of violence, robbery, and violent street gangs.

Prepares and executes search warrants for the recovery of evidence or contraband related to various investigations.  Documents and prepares reports of investigative findings to be filed as a permanent record and forwards such records to the District Attorney’ Office or the United States Attorney’s Office for appropriate prosecution.

Supports and assists other staff with the various tasks involved which arise during the course of various investigations.

He or she must be able to satisfactory complete a limited background inquiry to maintain Federal Deputization through the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Perform other duties as required.


When assigned to Sex Offender Registry Investigations:

Interview sex offenders in person to obtain necessary information to enter the offender onto the GBI Sex Offender Registry Tool (SORT).  Check criminal history, wants, and warrants through Georgia Crime Information Center/National Crime Information Center (GCIC/NCIC) and local warrant system.  Take photographs of offender's face, tattoos, and any other identifiable marks on their person.  Take fingerprints of the sexual offender on at least an annual/bi-annual basis.   Document all information on GBI/GSA approved forms.  Check all information for accuracy prior to entry into NCIC.

Create, update, and maintain information on the Hall County Sheriff’s Office website.  Maintain a manual and computerized filing system on all offenders.

Participate and assist in a variety of law enforcement activities and investigations.  Communicate and cooperate with other law enforcement agencies and citizens relating to the investigation and apprehension of offenders that fail to comply with state law.

Ensure SOR is in compliance with state and federal laws. Collaborate with GBI and their legal counsel in evaluating and updating regulations and protocol as mandated by law.  Stay abreast of laws, statues and regulations affecting the SOR.

Coordinate and communicate with other state and local agencies concerning sex offenders moving into Hall County's jurisdiction or leaving Hall County or the state of Georgia. 

Perform other related duties as required.    



Firearms                                               Video Camera                       Police Vehicle                      Two Way Radio Photographic Equipment                            Polygraph                             Computer                              Intoxilator



Education and Experience:

High School Diploma or G.E.D.

Two years law enforcement experience.


Licenses and Certifications:

Georgia POST Certification.

Valid Driver's License and a satisfactory Motor Vehicle Record (MVR).


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Knowledge of modern procedures, processes, and techniques involved in criminal investiga­tions.

Knowledge of departmental policies and practices in criminal investigations.

Knowledge of city geography.

Ability to understand and execute difficult and complicated oral and written instructions.

Ability to understand and analyze complex problems and situations and adapt quick, reasonable, and effective courses of action in difficult circumstances.

Ability to operate cameras, video equipment, audio equipment, and fingerprinting equipment used in the collection, processing and preservation of evidence for court admissibility.

Ability to obtain information through interviews, investigations, and interrogations.

Skill in the care and use of firearms.


ADA Minimum Qualifications:

Physical Ability:  Essential functions continuously require the ability to remain in a stationary position (sitting or standing); move oneself by walking a variety of environments; bend body downward and forward by bending spine and legs, twisting at the waist, hips or knees; move oneself by crawling on hands and knees; ascend and descend ladders, stairs, and ramps; maintain body equilibrium to prevent failing when walking, standing, or navigating narrow, slippery or erratically moving surfaces; reach overhead; repetitively use hands/arms/legs; grasp items; and move/transport items up to 25lbs. Incumbents constantly must think analytically; handle stress and emotion, concentrate on tasks, remember names and other details; examine and observe details; make decisions, and adjust to change. Additionally, essential functions continuously require incumbents to be on call and work irregular hours (nights, weekends, holidays); attend work related meetings and trainings; direct others; handle confidential information; maintain stamina during the work day; meet deadlines; operate equipment; stay organized; use math/calculations; and use a keyboard or type..

Essential functions frequently require the ability to position oneself by crouching or kneeling and to push or pull items. Occasionally, incumbents must move/transport items 26lbs and over. 

Sensory Requirements:  Essential Functions require the ability to use effective verbal and written communication; use of hand/eye coordination and fine manipulation to use tools and equipment; visually discern differences in color.

Environmental Factors:  Essential functions are continuously performed with exposure to adverse environmental conditions, including inclement weather; extreme hot or cold temperatures; humidity and moisture; dry environments; possible bodily injury from hazards including biological, chemical, sharp objects/tools, heavy machinery, traffic; and dry environments. Incumbents will be required to work alone or with others continuously. 

Essential functions are frequently performed with exposure to dirt/mud, fumes, gases, odors, dust, grease, and oil; moving mechanical parts;, extreme noise; wet slippery floors/surfaces. 

Essential functions are occasionally performed with exposure to extreme inside temperatures (heat/cold); risk of bodily injury from electrical or radiation hazards; falling from high places/high heights; constrict spaces; hot devices including burners or flame torches; and vibration.

Incumbents must operate vehicles, work around equipment and machinery and be able to walk on uneven ground.


This class specification should not be interpreted as all-inclusive.  It is intended to identify the major responsibilities and requirements of this job.  The incumbents may be requested to perform job-related responsibilities and tasks other than those stated in this specification.

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