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Dougherty County

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Welcome to Dougherty County! Nestled in the southwest corner of Georgia along the Flint River, Dougherty County is a slice of history mixed with southern hospitality and nature’s beauty. The County is a gem to visitors and residents alike. Indeed, its small-town charm, mixed with many big city amenities, provides a sense of comfort and stability. With its sunny weather, nightlife, and extensive historical preservation, Dougherty County has a little bit of everything for everyone. In fact, residents like to say Dougherty County’s county seat, Albany, is just like Atlanta except instead of having twenty of everything, Albany has one. They also say it has everything from A to Z, “A” being the airport and “Z” being the zoo.


Dougherty County is seeking an experienced administrator who has demonstrated he/she is also an outstanding leader, and who is ready for a new challenge! The Board of Commissioners wants someone to work with it as a partner, a supporter and a trusted advisor. The individual will be a practical visionary, who can look over the horizon, foresee solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s issues and work with the Board to develop and implement plans to ensure a bright future. The administrator will be a consensus builder yet not afraid to speak up when he/she feels a course correction is needed. The Commissioners are not looking for a “yes” person, but someone they can count on to provide their best professional opinion, diplomatically and in the appropriate setting. He/she will work to ensure every Board Member’s views are being heard and considered. Communication will be frank, free-flowing, and without surprises. The individual will be very open, approachable, and believe strongly in transparency.


The ideal candidate will have a bachelor’s degree in a subject area applicable to local government. He/she will have at least five to seven years’ experience as a county or city administrator or assistant. Strong experience in development/ redevelopment, planning, and finance is important. Experience working with other governmental agencies and economic development is a definite plus.


The salary range will be posted shortly, once it is approved. The prior County Administrator was being paid $173,000. It should be noted that the cost of living in Albany is less than most places in the country. Benefits are excellent. Due to the County Administrator position being designated as a non-classified employee, retirement plans for this position are negotiable. Please e-mail your cover letter and resume to by April 5th. Questions should be directed to Scott Krim at (801) 628-8364, or Colin Baenziger at (561) 707-3537. For more information, go to and click on “Executive Search / Active Recruitments”.

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