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The City of Johns Creek is accepting written proposals to provide professional legal services to the City.  All proposals submitted must demonstrate the qualifications, competencies, depth of legal knowledge, experience and capability to provide the highest quality legal services to the City in compliance with the requirements of this Request for Proposal (RFP).  Proposals must address all elements outlined in the RFP and be written in a straightforward, concise manner that describes the proposer’s ability to meet the legal needs of the City.

Proposals may be submitted by firms utilizing multiple Georgia licensed attorneys within their firm and naming a lead attorney.  Proposals will also be accepted from Georgia licensed attorneys who form a consortium for the purposes of this RFP and name a lead attorney.  The lead attorney named in either case will be designated as the City Attorney and be charged with overseeing all work of other attorneys and legal staff providing services to the City.

Proposals may be submitted by interested attorneys to:

Ron Bennett

Assistant City Manager

City of Johns Creek

11360 Lakefield Drive

Johns Creek, GA 30096


Proposals must be received no later than 5 p.m., Friday, May 3, 2024.  Proposals received after this time will not be considered.


All inquiries regarding this RFP should be directed to Ron Bennett, Assistant City Manager, by email at

The City reserves the right to reject all or any part of any or all proposals, to waive technical or legal deficiencies and to accept any proposal that it deems to be in the best interest of the City.


The City of Johns Creek is located in northeastern Fulton County, Georgia, and was originally incorporated in 2006.  With over 80,000 residents, Johns Creek is the fourth largest city in Fulton County, and the 10th largest city in Georgia.  Johns Creek is a Council-Manager form of government.  The City Council consists of the Mayor and six Council Members who are elected for four-year staggered terms.  The Mayor appoints a City Manager, subject to the ratification by the Council Members, who is charged with the proper and efficient administration of City operations.  The City’s operations are carried out by the following Departments:  Communications, Community Development, Finance, Fire, Human Resources, Information Technology, Municipal Court, Police, Public Works and Recreation and Parks.


Scope of Services

The City Attorney is nominated by the Mayor, subject to the ratification by the City Council.  The City Attorney then serves at the pleasure of the City Council.  The City Attorney serves as general legal counsel in city-related matters for the City Council, City Manager, City Clerk, Department Heads and other designated employees, boards, commissions or committees (the “City”).  General duties of the City Attorney include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Act as general legal counsel in all City-related matters as requested by the City Council, City Manager, City Clerk and/or Department Heads.

2. Attend all regular and special called meetings of the City Council.

3. Attend regular and special called meetings of other designated boards, commissions or committees as may be occasionally directed by the City Manager.

4. Respond, within a reasonable timeframe, to inquiries from the City and third parties regarding City operations and actions.

5. Draft and/or review ordinances, resolutions or amendments.

6. Draft and/or review contracts to which the City is a party.

7. Draft and/or review City policies for legal compliance.

8. Handle all City real estate transactions via closing or the use of eminent domain.

9. Engage in collections efforts for unpaid utility fees.

10. Ensure the City complies with federal and State law, City Charter, local ordinances and City policies.

11. Defend the City and its elected officials, appointed officials and employees against legal claims and actions.

12. The prosecution of cases in the Municipal Court is not included in this scope.

13. Coordinate the work of third-party legal professionals providing service on behalf of the City or in the interest of the City.

14. Assist with other legal matters as may be requested by the City Council or City Manager.

15. While no fixed hours at City Hall are required, the City Attorney will be provided with an office and will be expected to manage his or her workload and schedule in a manner that demonstrates a high priority for serving the City as compared to other clients.  “High priority” will be demonstrated by timely verbal and written responses to City inquiries and availability for in person meetings on short notice.


The City is seeking a City Attorney with the requisite municipal government experience necessary to provide sound legal guidance which is well-researched and defensible.  A thorough understanding of Georgia municipal law is required.  The City Attorney must demonstrate a diverse legal experience particularly in the areas of land use, public works construction contracting, real estate acquisition, employment law, utility operations and municipal financing.

The City Attorney must be a member of the State Bar of Georgia in good standing and have at least five years of experience practicing municipal law in the State of Georgia and at least three years of experience representing a Georgia municipality or county of comparable size and complexity as the City of Johns Creek.  In addition to experience, the City Attorney must be an excellent communicator and writer who understands the City Attorney role well, values relationships and presents a professional demeanor.   The City Attorney must be able to quickly gain the confidence of the City Council, City Manager and Department Heads by demonstrating a commitment to accessibility, prompt responses and collaboration.


The City is responsible for being a good steward of public funds and is committed to negotiating fair but cost-effective compensation for legal services.  The City believes these goals are met by compensating the City Attorney with a fixed monthly retainer for as many of the routine and definable services as possible listed in the above Scope of Services.  All responses to this RFP must enumerate which services will be covered by the retainer and which services will be compensated by an hourly rate.  All responses to the RFP must include a proposed monthly retainer amount and a proposed hourly rate for all legal professionals who will provide services to the City.  The City will consider alternate compensation proposals, but will give greater consideration to proposals that also respond as described above.

Proposal Requirements

The proposal must include responses to each of the following.  Additional information may be provided in support of the proposal.

1. Name, address, phone number and email address of the person to whom questions about this proposal should be directed.

2. Brief description of the firm to include date of inception, size and practice areas.

3. Address of the local office, along with names, phone numbers, and email addresses for the proposed City Attorney and other legal professionals who would be assigned to provide service to the City.

4. Qualifications of the person(s) proposed to be assigned to provide service to the City including:

  • Education, date of Georgia bar admittance and total years of practice experience
  • Experience providing legal services to Georgia municipal or county government
  • Litigation experience
  • Real estate transaction experience
  • Collections experience

5. Compensation proposal as described above.

6. Circumstances and final resolution of any disciplinary action taken by any bar association against any attorney who will be assigned to provide services to the City.

7. List of no less than three client references (names, phone numbers and email addresses) the City may contact to discuss relevant experience of persons proposed to provide the requested legal services.

8. Cover letter describing the interest in being selected to provide the requested legal services and any other information not otherwise included in the proposal believed to be useful in selecting the City Attorney.

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