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Part Time Firefighter EMT Paramedic

Meriwether County

Listing Summary

Application Requirements:

Meriwether County Application for Employment

Copy of GFSTC transcript reflecting certifications, employment and training records recorded by the Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council

Copy of GPSTC transcript

Copy of EMS Licensure and other certifications

Resume (Describe duties performed in current/past employment)

Job Summary:

Under limited supervision of the Shift Lieutenant this position is responsible for responding to emergency scenes to perform fire suppression, emergency medical services, rescue, hazardous material mitigation, and assist with other emergency situations that may arise.  The FF/EMT performs various patient care activities in the pre-hospital setting, in accordance with all rules and regulations set forth by the GA State Department of Public Health.

Description of Duties and Responsibilities:

Responsible for protecting the image, reputation, and integrity of the Meriwether County Board of Commissioners, the Citizens of Meriwether County, and the Department of Meriwether County Fire Rescue.

Operates in an environment requiring confidentiality and may deal with sensitive information that is not to be disseminated publicly.

Responds to emergency and non-emergency calls for service.

Provides fire suppression, medical services in compliance with FF/Paramedic level of licensure and assists with other emergencies.

Provides appropriate medical interventions as part of patient care in compliance with Paramedic level practices to include but not limited to IV access, advanced airway devices, and medication administration.

Provides supervision and direction of emergency personnel while performing EMS duties.

Adheres to medical protocols as set forth by the medical director.

Responsible for the continuation of care from scene and safe transport of patients to the appropriate destination.

Operates various equipment and vehicles associated with department functions in a safe manner using due regard at all times.

Operates radio equipment and communicates effectively through various department methods.

Interacts with the public and co-workers in a professional and courteous manner.

Participates in all required training, maintains all required certifications, and adheres to all state and department standards.

Adheres to county and department rules, regulations, protocols, policies and procedures.

Performs routine inspections of all equipment to ensure proper operation.

Completes reports and other paperwork in a timely and accurate manner.

May be responsible for conducting incident command at emergency scenes.

Performs all other duties as assigned.

Additional Responsibilities:

Assists with fire prevention and other educational public service programs.

Maintains facilities and station duties as assigned.

Must be able to speak and write in the English language.

Participates in pre-fire planning activities.

Inspects and maintains water hydrants.

Minimum Qualifications:

Possession of High School diploma or GED equivalent.

Possess and maintains certification as a Georgia Certified FF and Paramedic.

Possess and maintain the appropriate driver’s license class for department apparatus by the date of job assignment.

Knowledge and understanding of Meriwether County policies and procedures. Knowledge and understanding of Meriwether County Fire Rescue department policies and procedures. Also required is a strong knowledge and familiarity of local, state and federal guidelines pertaining to the operation of the department.

Thorough understanding of Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council rules and regulations.

Knowledge and understanding of National Fire Protection Association standards.

Knowledge of emergency medical response procedures.

Knowledge of Meriwether County highways, roads and geography.

Consent to check of driver’s history and background which must meet department and state policies.

Driving department vehicles and operating all department equipment.

Knowledge of computers, electronic devices and all job-related software.

Additional training and education may be required.

Preferred Qualifications:

Firefighter II


Working Conditions / Physical Demands:


The work is typically performed in an office and at times on emergency scenes.

Much of this work is done without direct supervision and requires a strong work ethic with an emphasis on organizational, time management, and multi-tasking skills.

The work is typically performed while standing, stooping, bending, crouching, climbing or walking in the office and at emergency scenes.

The employee frequently lifts patients as well as equipment and uses tools or equipment requiring a high level of dexterity.

Work requires the use of protective gear and equipment.

This work may be performed at any time of day or night and in a variety of environmental conditions requiring the ability to withstand extreme cold, heat and moisture.

This work will also subject employees to high levels of physical and emotional stress.

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