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Assistant Public Defender


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This position is responsible for providing legal counsel and court representation to defendants unable to afford private legal assistance.

•    Assumes personal responsibility for assisting indigent persons charged with misdemeanors, juvenile cases, and felonies.
•    Meets with clients and obtains their history to present their defense and release from custody.
•    Conducts preliminary hearing; prepares files and argues pre-trial and pre-hearing motions.
•    Performs functions to prepare the defendant’s cases for trial or for plea negotiations.
•    Establishes close contact with defendants by regular visits to the Public Defender’s office, phone contact or by letters to defendants not in custody.
•    Researches case law and witness testimony conducts investigations and negotiates with the District Attorney’s office. Analyzes facts, evidence and the strength of the case, determine the client’s wishes and meets with the prosecutor to resolve the matter short of trial.
•    Ensures that indigent defendants receive thorough and effective legal representation as guaranteed in State and Federal Constitutions and Georgia state law.
•    Researches case law, communicates with the defendant to determine trial strategies such as cross-examination procedures, witness selection, jury selection, testimony decisions and opening and closing arguments.

•    Knowledge of State, Federal, and local laws related to type of law practiced.
•    Knowledge of County personnel regulations and procedures, legal practices and procedures related to area of assignment.
•    Knowledge of problems and methods of legal research methods, rules of evidence, conduct of court proceedings, legal principles and their application with emphasis on criminal law.
•    Skill in legal research, drafting legal documents, and giving presentations.
•    Skill in communication and interpersonal techniques as applied to interaction with co-workers, supervisors, the general public, etc., sufficient to exchange or convey information and to receive work direction.
•    Ability to investigate and defend criminal complaints and civil actions.
•    Ability to perform legal research and apply legal principles.
•    Ability to draft legal instruments and opinions to win the confidence and respect of members of the legal profession, public officials and the general public.
•    Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the District Attorney’s office, Sheriff’s department, staff at the County Correctional facilities, judges, and numerous physicians and psychiatrists.

•    Law degree
•    Must have passed Georgia Bar Exam.

•    One (1) year of litigation experience.

Candidates meeting the minimum qualifications may be invited to participate in the examination process. Details of the examination process will be communicated to qualified applicants at a later date.

Applicants are responsible for describing their educational and work experience in sufficient detail to establish their qualifications for the position. “Experience” means full-time paid experience unless the announcement states that volunteer experience is acceptable. Part-time paid experience may be accumulated to meet the total experience requirement. Resumes are not acceptable as a substitute for any part of the general application form nor as a substitute for the supplemental application, which is required for each position. Incomplete applications, or applications not received by the specified date and time, will not be processed.

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