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JOB TITLE:  Deputy Sheriff - Transport                                    


DEPARTMENT:  Sheriff’s Department, Liberty County


JOB SUMMARY:  This position is responsible for enforcing federal, state and local laws, protecting life and property, and transporting and escorting prisoners.  




o   Transports or escorts prisoners between jail, courtrooms, prison, medical treatment facilities, other law enforcement detention centers, funerals, visits to critically ill family members, or other authorized destinations.


  • Transports apprehended fugitives who have outstanding warrants in the State of Georgia or other states.


  • Transports or escorts juveniles to youth detention centers or other appropriate destinations.


  • Transports mentally ill clients to the regional mental hospitals.


  • Assists with booking, detaining, and releasing inmates at the county jail.


  • Remains on 24-hour call or standby to handle emergency transport situations as directed.


o   May apprehend, arrest, and process offenders, including fugitives.


o   May provide backup support to other officers and emergency service providers as necessary.


o   Issues traffic citations.


o   Completes all required reports and forms.


o   Inspects and maintains an assigned patrol car, uniform, and equipment.


o   Attends ongoing training classes as required.


o   Performs other related duties as assigned.




o   Knowledge of relevant federal and state laws, criminal and traffic codes, search and seizure laws, county ordinances, and department policies and procedures.


  • Knowledge of detainee transport and escort procedures, techniques, and practices.


o   Knowledge of law enforcement techniques and procedures.


o   Knowledge of the geography and streets of the county and state.


o   Knowledge of first-aid and CPR techniques.


o   Knowledge of the court system and judicial procedures.


o   Skill in operating police vehicles, firearms, emergency equipment, and other standard and specialized law enforcement equipment.


o   Skill in restraining persons without causing physical harm.


o   Skill in public and interpersonal relations.


o   Skill in oral and written communication.


SUPERVISORY CONTROLS:  The Sergeant-Transport assigns work in terms of general instructions.  The supervisor reviews completed work for compliance with instructions and established procedures, and the nature and propriety of the final results.


GUIDELINES:  Guidelines include state and federal laws, detainee transport protocols, traffic laws, county ordinances, and department policies and procedures.  These guidelines are generally clear and specific, but may require some interpretation in application.


COMPLEXITY:  The work consists of related technical law enforcement duties.  The varied nature of transporting detainees and the potential for emergencies contribute to the complexity of the work.


SCOPE AND EFFECT:  The purpose of this position is to protect life and property, enforce federal, state, and local laws, and transport/escort prisoners.  Successful performance helps ensure the safety and well-being of detainees and citizens and promotes the efficient and effective operation of the department.


PERSONAL CONTACTS:  Contacts are typically with co-workers, other county employees, other emergency service providers, court system personnel, law enforcement officers from other agencies, prisoners, and the general public.


PURPOSE OF CONTACTS:  Contacts are typically to give or exchange information and provide services.


PHYSICAL DEMANDS:  The work is typically performed while sitting, standing, walking, bending, driving, crouching, or stooping.  The employee occasionally lifts light or heavy objects, uses equipment requiring a high degree of dexterity, must be able to distinguish between shades of color, and use the physical force necessary to arrest and restrain persons.


WORK ENVIRONMENT:  The work is performed indoors, in a vehicle, and outdoors.  The employee may be exposed to noise, infectious diseases, life-threatening situations, and inclement weather.  The work requires the use of protective clothing and devices.






o   Ability to read, write and perform mathematical calculations at a level commonly associated with the completion of high school or equivalent.


o   Sufficient experience to understand the basic principles relevant to the major duties of the position, usually associated with the completion of an apprenticeship/internship or having had a similar position for one to two years.


o   Possession of or ability to readily obtain a valid driver’s license issued by the State of Georgia for the type of vehicle or equipment operated.


o   Ability to meet current requirements set forth by the Police Standards Training Council for the State of Georgia.

Please visit our website ( download an application. Return the completed application packet by mail or in Person to:

Liberty County Detectives Office

ATTN: Major Bill Kirkendall

175 Paul Sikes Dr.

Hinesville, Ga. 31313

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