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Construction Inspector

Cherokee County, Ga.

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POSITION SUMMARY The essential function of the position within the organization is to inspect construction projects to ensure work complies with Georgia Department of Transportation and Cherokee County standards and codes. The position is responsible for inspection of pay items on projects, conducting erosion control and traffic control inspections, filling out pay item reports, attending construction project meetings, conducting inspections of County road and street asphalt quantities for repairing of pavement failures and resurfacing of complete streets or roads, and performing related clerical tasks. The position works under direct supervision according to set procedures. MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned. Performs inspection of assigned construction projects to ensure work complies with Georgia Department of Transportation and Cherokee County standards and specifications. Maintains daily records of ticketed items on projects and reports of other related pay items; fills out pay item reports as required. Performs erosion and traffic control inspections, communicates deficiencies to contractors and maintains a file with results. Inspects grading and drainage work and grassing operations within the County; inspects base and paving operations, spread rates, equipment, and base and paving tickets. Performs clerical tasks such as preparing correspondence or memoranda, faxing, photocopying or preparing punch list reports on all LARP projects after completion of projects for corrections of any problems or pavement failures. Construction Inspector Page 2 of 3 Attends meetings regarding construction projects; attends training sessions, seminars and demonstrations conducted by Cherokee County and other organizations in order to stay abreast of changes in policy and construction activities. GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES AND REQUIREMENTS DATA RESPONSIBILITY: “Data Responsibility” refers to information, knowledge, and conceptions obtained by observation, investigation, interpretation, visualization, and mental creation. Data are intangible and include numbers, words, symbols, ideas, concepts, and oral verbalizations. Compiles, examines, or evaluates data or information and possibly recommends action based on results. PEOPLE RESPONSIBILITY: “People Responsibility” refers to individuals who have contact with or are influenced by the position. Provides assistance to people to achieve task completion; may instruct coworkers. ASSETS RESPONSIBILITY: “Assets Responsibility” refers to the responsibility for achieving economies or preventing loss within the organization. Requires responsibility and opportunity for achieving considerable economies and/or preventing considerable losses through the inspecting and supervising of construction projects to ensure compliance with standards and specifications. MATHEMATICAL REQUIREMENTS: “Mathematics” deals with quantities, magnitudes, and forms and their relationships and attributes by the use of numbers and symbols. Uses practical application of fractions, percentages, ratios and proportions, measurements, or logarithms; may use algebraic solutions of equations and equalities, deductive geometry, and/or descriptive statistics. COMMUNICATIONS REQUIREMENTS: “Communications” involves the ability to read, write, and speak. Reads technical instructions, charts, and/or procedures manuals; composes routine reports and completes job forms; speaks compound sentences using standard grammar. COMPLEXITY OF WORK: “Complexity of Work” addresses the analysis, initiative, ingenuity, creativity, and concentration required by the position and the presence of any unusual pressures. Performs skilled work involving rules/systems with almost constant problem solving; requires normal attention with short periods of concentration for accurate results and occasional exposure to unusual pressure. IMPACT OF DECISIONS: “Impact of Decisions” refers to consequences such as damage to property, loss of data or property, exposure of the organization to legal liability, or injury or death to individuals. Makes decisions with moderately serious impact - affects work unit and may affect other units or citizens. EQUIPMENT USAGE: “Equipment Usage” refers to inanimate objects such as substances, materials, machines, tools, equipment, work aids, or products. A thing is tangible and has shape, form, and other physical characteristics. Construction Inspector Page 3 of 3 Handles machines, tools, equipment, or work aids involving some latitude for judgment regarding attainment of standard or in selecting appropriate items, such as vehicle, measuring devices, calculator, adding machine or computer. SAFETY OF OTHERS: “Safety of Others” refers to the responsibility for other people’s safety, either inherent in the job or to assure the safety of the general public. Requires considerable responsibility for the safety and health of others and/or continuous enforcement of the laws and standards of public health and safety. DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS Education and Experience Requires high school diploma or GED, and one year of college or vocational school education in road construction, civil engineering or a closely related field. Requires four years of experience in road construction and project management. Any combination of education, training, and experience that provides the required knowledge and skills is acceptable. Certificates, Licenses and Registrations Requires a valid State of Georgia Driver's License and satisfactory Motor Vehicle Record. AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT COMPLIANCE Cherokee County is an Equal Opportunity Employer. ADA requires the County to provide adequate accommodations to qualified persons with disabilities. Prospective and current employees are encouraged to discuss ADA accommodations with management. REQUIREMENTS INCLUDED IN THIS CLASS SPECIFICATION MAY BE SUBJECT TO MODIFICATION IN ORDER TO REASONABLY ACCOMMODATE INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES WHO ARE OTHERWISE QUALIFIED TO PERFORM THE ESSENTIAL DUTIES OF THE JOB.

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