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Municipal Court Judge

City of Washington

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Request for Proposal for Municipal Court Judge

City of Washington, GA

The City of Washington, GA is requesting proposals for City Municipal Judge. The Municipal Court Judge is nominated and appointed annually by the Mayor and City Council and serves at the pleasure of the Mayor and City Council. The municipal court judge is not a city employee and is not a full-time position, it is a contracted professional service. The appointment will be effective approximately February 1, 2022 and will be for a minimum 12-month term.

Jurisdiction of the Municipal Court:

  • The municipal court shall try and punish violations of all city ordinances.
  • The municipal court may fix punishment for offenses within its jurisdiction not exceeding a fine of $1,000.00 or imprisonment for 12 months or both or may sentence any offender upon conviction to labor for the city on the streets, sidewalks, squares, or other public places for a period not exceeding 12 months.
  • The municipal court shall have authority to establish a schedule of fees to defray the cost of operation.
  • The municipal court shall have authority to establish bail and recognizances to ensure the presence of those charged with violations before said court and shall have discretionary authority to accept cash or personal or real property as surety for the appearance of persons charged with violations. Whenever any person shall give bail for his or her appearance and shall fail to appear at the time fixed for trial, his or her bond shall be forfeited by the judge presiding at such time. In the event that cash or property is accepted in lieu of bond of security for the appearance of a defendant at trial and if such defendant fails to appear at the time and place fixed for trial the cash so deposited shall be on order of the judge declared forfeited to the city, or the property so deposited shall have a lien against it for the value forfeited, which lien shall be enforceable in the same manner and to the same extent as a lien for city property taxes.
  • The municipal court shall have the authority to bind prisoners over to the appropriate court when it appears by probable cause that a state law has been violated.
  • The municipal court shall have the same authority as superior courts to compel the production of evidence in the possession of any party; to enforce obedience to its orders, judgments, and sentences; and to administer such oaths as are necessary.
  • The municipal court may compel the presence of all parties necessary to a proper disposal of each case by the issuance of summonses, subpoenas, and warrants which may be served as executed by any officer as authorized by this Charter or by general state law. All judges of the municipal court and the clerk of the municipal court are authorized to issue warrants for the arrest of persons charged with offenses against any ordinance of the city.
  • Each judge of the municipal court shall have the same authority as a magistrate to issue warrants for offenses against state laws committed within the city.
  • The municipal court is specifically vested with all of the jurisdiction and powers throughout the entire area of the city granted by general state law to municipal courts, and particularly by such laws as authorize the abatement of nuisances and prosecution of traffic violations.

To Apply:

Please describe the qualifications for the individual to be designated as Municipal Judge and those of any associated party(s) who will be used in a subordinate capacity. At a minimum this information should include: 

  • Legal education and training and type and years of practice to include the date of admission to the Georgia Bar; 
  • Years of municipal or other local public sector law practice as a full-time, contracted or part-time municipal judge, local government attorney and/or private law practice with specialization in local government law; 
  • A statement of types of clients currently or previously represented other than local government clients; and
  • General description of litigation experience including types of cases litigated;

Evaluation and Selection Process

To be considered, proposals must be submitted by 5:00 PM on December 15, 2021.

Proposals should be submitted in a sealed envelope marked, “Municipal Judge Proposal”, and addressed or delivered to City of Washington, Attn: City Administrator, 102 East Liberty Street, Washington, GA 30673.

Preference will be given to specific overall local government experience of the individual serving as Municipal Judge, as well as factors such as total projected cost of service, accessibility to the City, immediacy of availability and responsiveness to the Request for Proposals.

Questions? Contact the City Administrator at 706-678-3277 or


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