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Part-Time Court Security Officer


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  • Description

    Part-time Court Security Officers are certified law enforcement officers who are assigned to assist

    in the operation and security of the Municipal Court of the City of Doraville when Court is in

    session.  The Court Security Officer’s primary responsibility is court security, including ensuring

    that the Judges, court staff and the general public visiting the courthouse are safe.

  • Requirements

    Qualifications include a High School diploma or state-issued GED; must be at least 21 years of

    age; must be a United States citizen; must possess a valid Georgia driver’s license; must be able to

    stand for long periods of time and be capable of responding to emergency situations. Georgia

    P.O.S.T. certification as a Peace Officer is a requirement. A background check of qualified

    applicants will be conducted.

  • Summary

    Duties will include conducting a search of the Courtrooms before and after court

    for weapons and contraband, inspecting persons and belongings of those coming

    into the courthouse, managing the metal detector, and making use of a hand-held

    metal detector when needed.  He/She will ensure that proper court decorum is

    adhered to in order to maintain a dignified and professional atmosphere in the


    In some instances, the Court Security Officer may be asked to serve as Bailiff,

    performing tasks such as handing papers to the Judge and maintaining an

    orderly courtroom.

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