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The purpose of this classification is to perform professional planning and community development tasks by processing applications, building permits, and business license requests while monitoring zoning ordinance and code compliance. Attends a variety of meetings to present information and provide professional recommendations concerning various planning issues. 


  • Communicates with the development community and the general public, by phone, email and in person, to gather and provide information regarding planning, zoning, and development issues; provides information and answers to the public concerning zoning regulations; assists applicants in completing application forms; attends various board meetings to provide information and answers regarding applications and related issues; advises board members of zoning ordinances and code requirements; notifies code enforcement staff when site visits and citations may be necessary.  
  • Conducts technical review and analysis of information; reviews files to present information; reviews board applications and plans for code compliance; reviews administrative variances and exception plats and forwards for approval; reviews final plats and division plats for completeness and approval; ensures plans are drawn to architectural or engineering scale.
  • Performs tasks involving Design Review and Board of Zoning Appeals applications ; reviews applications for compliance with zoning ordinances; assists in determining if any additional review of an application is necessary; meets with applicants to discuss project; prepares correspondence notifying applicants of information missing from applications; reviews rejected applications to determine missing information; revises and formulates recommendations and conditions for approval of applications; researches approved applications to determine compliance with Board requests; visits application sites, visually examines and photographs site; reviews photographs of sites; forwards application materials and related information to Board members; reviews sign permit applications for compliance and issues approval or rejection.
  • Receives,  reviews,  and  processes  rezoning and  conditional  use applications;  reviews  and approves  the  surveys,  site  plans,  and  variance  requests  within  the  rezoning  applications; inspects  the  site  during  the  rezoning  process;  photographs  the  area  involved  in  the rezoning;  coordinates  and  attends  neighborhood  meetings  affected  by  the  rezoning; gathers historical  information  involving  the  rezoning  area;  writes  the  initial  draft  of  the staff report, submits  to  supervisor  for  review,  and  revises  the  report  as  directed;  presents  the rezoning application  to  the  commission and  Mayor  and  City  Council ;  notifies  applicant  of incomplete application  and  deficiencies  within  the  plan;  discusses  issues  involved  in  the rezoning  with outside  agencies;  reviews  and  approves  related  media  ads  and  signs;  writes action  letters regarding  rezoning  outcome.
  • Reviews and processes Historic Preservation Commission applications; reviews applications for compliance  with  zoning  ordinance  and  complia nce  with  design  guidelines;  verifies  that plans are  to  architect  or  engineering  scale;  determines  how  the  property  is  zoned  and  for what use; conducts site visits; evaluates applications based on established criteria; prepares acceptance or  denial  correspondence  and  provides  justifications  and  time  frames  for submittal of missing information;  provides  assistance  to  applicants  with  rejected applications;  researches  existing files,  books,  and  other  materials  containing  related information;  prepares  staff  report  for  each Historic  Preservation  Commission applications; develops  recommendations  regarding  each application;  attends  related  meetings  to provide  information  and  explanation;  prepares  action report  outlining  outcome  of  each application.
  • Maintains inventory  of  historic  structures:  reviews  applications  for  and  recommends additions  to  local  and  national  historic  registers;  conducts  research  for  local  surveys  and nominations  for  the  National  Register.
  • Maintains  information  for  historic  preservation  technical  assistance,  including  tax  credits; building  repair  guidelines  as  published  by  the  National  Park  Service;  property  files  with historic  photographs  and  documentation;  and  files  including  information  for  National Register of  Historic  Places  listed  prop erties,  Historic  American  Building  Survey  properties, Historic American  Engineering  Record  properties,  Carnegie  Survey  of  the  South  properties, and  other research  and  survey  activity  generally  recognized  by  industry  standards.
  • Maintains  and  updates  the  City’s  Comprehensive  Plan:  provides  information  and interpretation of  the  plan  to  City  officials  and  the  public;  coordinates  or  assists  with  the annual update; and coordinates with the Department of Community Affairs and the Atlanta Regional  Commission in regard  to  meeting  the  state  mandated  legal  requirements necessary  to  maintain  the City’s “Local  Qualified  Government”  status.
  • Performs  technical  tasks  in  completing  daily  duties; assesses  proposed  commercial development  to determine if  further  approval  by a board  is necessary;  assigns  addresses  to new projects;  researches  complex  issues;  conducts  special research  projects  as  assigned.
  • Attends  and  participates  in  a  variety  of  meetings  and sessions;  coordinates  and  conducts interagency meetings; attends legal meetings to review zoning applications; attends weekly staff meetings  to  provide  updates  and  present  issues  or  concerns;  attends  development plan review  meetings;  attends  public  meetings.
  • Attends development  plan  review  meetings  and  participates  in  the  re view  of  all development plans to ensure compliance with all planning and zoning regulations; provides expertise and guidance to meeting participants for matters pertaining to planning and zoning.
  • Processes requests for building permits; review building permit plans for compliance with
    all zoning codes and additional conditions as set forth by the board; informs building permit
    applicants of zoning deficiencies in their submittal; reviews correspondence prepared for
    building permit applicants; issues denial of permit request based on zoning issues.
  • Processes business license requests; determines if a proposed business is allowed at
    requested site under zoning ordinances; visits business license sites to determine need for
    further approval by board; approves business licenses requests; forwards business
    information to appropriate department for notification; reviews denial of business license
    requests for applicants and provides information regarding the situation.
  • Receives and review land disturbing permit plans; approves or denies plans based on
    compliance; attends land development permitting meetings.
  • Operates a personal computer, printer, fax machine, copier, phone system, measuring
    wheel, architect and engineering scale, light table, Planimetor, tape measure, and other
    equipment as necessary to complete essential functions, to include the use of word
    processing, spreadsheet, and other system software utilized by the department.
  • Performs other related duties as required.


Education and Experience:
Requires a Bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning or closely related field; three (3) years of experience in planning or property development activities; or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience which provides the requisite knowledge,skills, and abilities for this job.


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