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City Clerk

City of Woodbury

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The City of Woodbury is looking for City Clerk with broad administrative and accounting skills. This position is responsible for administrative and supervisory work in the maintenance of records and documents for the City Council and in receiving, accounting for, and disbursing all City funds. Work is performed under the general supervision of the Mayor. The employee directly supervises other clerical and accounting personnel. The following are some examples of scope of work.

  1. *Attends all meetings of the City Council.
  2.  Keeps correct and full minutes of the proceedings of City Council together with all ordinances and resolutions passed by it, in a properly indexed book or register kept for that purpose .
  3.  Receives all applications or petitions made to the City and places them before the Mayor and City Council at the meeting of Council next succeeding the receipt thereof.
  4. Issues all licenses and keeps a record thereof, and all badges and permits authorized by the Council.
  5. Supervises the keeping of cemetery records.
  6.  Sends out City tax notices; receives and records payments.
  7. Supervises the computation of time worked and wages due all City employees, supervises the preparation and issuance of City payroll checks and records on employees' leave and overtime worked.
  8. Serves as City Election Manager and voter Registrar.
  9. Supervises the work of clerical, accounting, and maintenance personnel.
  10.  Is the custodian of the City seal and affixes its impression on documents whenever required.

Please send resumes to if interested. No phone calls.

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