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REPORTS TO: Distribution Supervisor, Lead Lineman

DIVISION: Operations

DIRECTS: Apprentices, Groundmen


This position is responsible for the installation, maintenance, operation, alteration and repair of overhead electrical lines, underground cables, electrical substations, parking lot and street lighting, and related electrical equipment. This position also participates in the training of Groundmen and Apprentice Linemen.


  • Requires High School diploma or equivalent. Requires ability to develop or demonstrate a thorough knowledge and skill within each of the three specified steps of lineman progression; ability to complete required training courses and pass tests required for available advancement into this position.
  • Requires ability to become proficient in climbing poles; ability to work from a bucket truck. Requires supplying own climbing tools and associated gear. Requires a basic knowledge of first- aid, safety rules, line materials and tools and their uses. Requires ability to rapidly gain an effective knowledge of basic electricity, construction work and construction units, ability to read and interpret maps and job prints; ability to gain a good working knowledge of all types of metering.
  • Requires passing a physical exam which includes an alcohol and drug test and meeting Department of Transportation (DOT) certification. Requires a valid Class A Commercial Georgia driver’s license. Requires a valid Georgia Flagging Certification.
  • Ability to read, write and perform mathematical calculations.
  • Experience sufficient to thoroughly understand the work of subordinate positions, requires the ability to answer questions and resolve problems, usually associated with one to three years of experience or service.


  • From Lineman Step I to Lineman Step II after two years of satisfactory job performance and meeting requirements as outlined in the most recent Crew Promotion Standards policy.
  • From Lineman Step II to Lineman Step III after two years of satisfactory job performance and meeting requirements as outlined in the most recent Crew Promotion Standards policy.
  • From Lineman Step III to an available Lead Lineman I after two years of satisfactory job performance and meeting requirements as outlined in the most recent Crew Promotion Standards policy.

SUPERVISORY CONTROLS: The Distribution Supervisor and/or Lead Lineman assigns duties in terms of general instructions. The work is spot-checked in progress and upon completion for accuracy and compliance with instructions and established procedures.

GUIDELINES: Guidelines include the National Electrical Safety Code, National Electric Code, CES Construction Assembly Specifications manual, CES approved safety manual, and CES policies and procedures. These guidelines are generally clear and specific, but require some interpretation application.


The work consists of related duties in the maintenance and repair of electrical equipment, substations, wires and cables. The work is made difficult by extreme weather conditions and working with energized conductors.


The purpose of this position is to maintain and repair electrical lines and equipment. Successful performance helps ensure the safe, efficient and effective provision of electrical services.


Contacts are typically with co-workers, contractors, consultants and electric service customers.


Contacts are typically to give or exchange information and provide or restore services.


The work is typically performed with the employee sitting, standing, bending, crouching or stooping. The employee must frequently lift light and heavy objects, climb poles and ladders, use tools or equipment requiring a high degree of dexterity, and be able to distinguish between shades of color.


The work is performed both indoors and outdoors. The employee may be exposed to noise, dust, dirt, grease, machinery with moving parts, high voltage, and inclement weather. This work requires the use of protective devices such as gloves, line hoses, hotline tools, hard hats, safety shoes, ear protection and eye protectors.


Responsibilities of Lineman

  • Performs any duties of Groundman or Apprentice.
  • Digs holes and anchors poles, sets and aligns poles and anchors, makes up and installs all types of guys. Strings, sags, and installs armor rods and ties in conductors of all sizes and types on dead primary poles and structures accordant to CES Construction Assembly Specifications manual.
  • Splicing broken conductors, re-sagging broken lines, construction retirement operations and maintenance work as required, (both overhead and underground.)
  • Trimming, clearing right of way, and removing brush as required.
  • Reads meters as directed. Installs and removes meters, meter sockets and meter equipment as directed.
  • Performs underground energized primary switching.
  • Proficient in the use of hotline cover-up on single phase and minimal cover-up on three phase structures when performing the following duties: hanging transformer switches, underground terminators, arrestors, etc.
  • Requires proficiency in installing and connecting transformers, fuses, cutouts, arrestors, switches and/or circuit reclosers on energized structures at Lead Lineman’s discretion. Performs above duties on energized three phase structures while accompanied on the structure by a Lead Lineman or higher classification (at job Distribution Supervisor’s discretion.)
  • Performs duties on any structure while a Lead Lineman is closely observing and directing from the ground. This is to be done only with the direct specific knowledge of the Lead Lineman and at the job supervisor’s discretion.
  • Performs duties on overhead and underground single and three phase lines and structures without job supervisor present (at job supervisor’s discretion.)
  • May perform duties of Lead Lineman (at Lead Lineman’s discretion.)
  • Completes assigned duties in accordance with CES Construction Assembly Specifications and CES standards in the specified time frame and within established safety guidelines.
  • Maintains availability for necessary overtime and promptly responds to calls requiring overtime work.
  • Visually check lines, poles, insulators, transformers, service entrances, rights-of-way, etc. for damages or unsafe conditions and reports same to immediate supervisor.
  • Completes all necessary forms, reports, records and information in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Abides by CES polices, by-laws, rules and regulations.
  • Responsible for the daily inspection, service and maintenance of assigned vehicles and other equipment.
  • Advises immediate supervisor of maintenance needs on tools, vehicles, and other equipment.
  • Shows concern for customer property and insures all work areas are left in a clean and safe condition.
  • Participates in job training and safety meetings.
  • Observes all safety rules, practices and standards and performs all duties and tasks in a safe manner.
  • Assists in handling emergencies and outages as directed.
  • Assists in performing all task that are in the best interest of Cartersville Electric System.

Interested in applying? You may submit a letter of interest and resume/application to Human Resources at or in person at 1 N. Erwin St. Cartersville, GA 30120. Please direct any questions to Human Resources 770-387-5685.

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