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Police Officer (Certified & Non-Certified)


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Pay Rate: $21.41 (Non-Certified); $22.91. (Certified)

Status: Full-time (Non-Exempt)


This person in this position is responsible for performing a full range of law enforcement duties in the patrol, community policing, crime
prevention, and transportation functions of the City of Douglasville Police Department. The incumbent may be assigned temporarily to a specialty area
within the department based on needs.  


Maintains law and order and protects life and property to include: Patrols assigned geographic area;  

• Receives and responds to dispatched calls;  

• Investigates and takes appropriate action on assigned calls;  

• Conducts security checks of businesses, parks, public buildings, industrial areas and residences; Serves as a counselor
for domestic disputes; Issues citations and/or makes arrests for violations of laws including traffic violations and local ordinances;  

• Prepares incident and accident reports;  

• Attends and testifies in various levels of court, including Superior, State, Juvenile, Administrative and Municipal, on
cases investigated or reports written;  

• Responds to natural and man-made disasters;  

• Locates defendants and serves criminal warrants;  

• Assists with crowd control and security assignments at various public gatherings or incident scenes;  

• Reports hazardous conditions on public roadways and bridges;  

• Conducts surveillance;  

• Provides assistance to the public as needed;  

• Provides information and guidance regarding victims’ rights;  

• Assesses victims, rendering aid to the injured prior to EMS arrival;  

• Requests assistance of other agencies including emergency and towing services;  

• Processes arrested persons following established procedures;  

• Renders aid to other law enforcement personnel;  

• Attends/participates in daily roll call including inspection and training prior to going on duty;  

• Participates in training programs to improve knowledge and skills; May serve on the SWAT team;  

• Performs a minimum of twenty training hours to include firearms and legal updates;  

• Transports inmates to and from medical facilities;  

• Works with public, civic organizations, etc. in conducting community activities;  

· Performs specialized short or long term assignments including administrative, technical and investigative duties as


Requires Two (2) years of college coursework or an Associates’ degree; or 1) have at least three (3) years of experience as a
Certified Police Officer by the hire date or an equivalent combination of college credit hours and experience as a Certified Police Officer, or certain
Military occupational Specialties; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.  


 • Knowledge of law enforcement concepts and terminology, including criminal investigation, law enforcement and crime
prevention; first-aid principles and techniques; report preparation and record keeping; and human behavior theories related to criminology, crisis
intervention and crowd control;  

• Knowledge of laws and court decisions pertaining to law enforcement, including search and seizure, suspect and
prisoners’ rights, and custody and protection of evidence; operational principles and practices of criminal investigation, law enforcement and crime
prevention; court and trial procedures;  

• Knowledge of the use and effects of law enforcement weapons; methods of self-defense and physical restraint;  

• Knowledge of City of Douglasville Police Department policies and procedures and geographic layout of City;  

• Knowledge of vocabulary of technical/specialized fields of law enforcement such as identification,
detention and pathology;  

• Skilled in learning, interpreting, applying and explaining complex laws and regulations;  

• Skilled in reading and interpreting documents such as maps, diagrams and textbooks;  

• Skilled in performing accurate mathematical calculations; comprehending and retaining factual information and applying what
is learned;  

• Skilled in observing and remembering details of events, names, faces, numbers and physical descriptions; preparing
and maintaining clear, accurate and concise reports and files;  

• Skilled in communicating effectively in both oral and written form;  

• Skilled in exercising tact, self-restraint, judgment and strategy in dealing with people of all races, ethnicities and
socio-economic groups and who may have emotional or physical difficulties;  

• Skilled in exercising sound independent judgment in emergency or stressful situations; correctly interpreting a given
situation and taking appropriate action under a variety of conditions;  

• Ability to react quickly and calmly in emergencies;  

• Ability to operate a computer and various programs;  

• Ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions;  

• Ability to obtain higher education requirements, as necessary;  

• Ability to complete a 40-hour police motorcycle school and attend recertification training twice a year and complete
120 hours of accident investigation schooling within the first year of assignment to the unit, as required if assigned to Motor duty;  

• Ability to become certified to operate radar and laser speed detection devices;  

• Ability to complete K9 school, as required if assigned to K-9;  

• Ability to gather, assemble, analyze and evaluate facts and evidence and to draw sound conclusions; working ability to
obtain valid information by interview and interrogation;  

• Ability to work rotating shifts, varying hours and be on call 24/7.  


The employee is regularly required to: Have visual acuity in both eyes, normal color vision, good accommodation and no field deficits; Hear
in-person, radio and telephone conversations; Recognize differences or changes in sound patterns, loudness or pitch; Speak audibly and clearly; identify and
distinguish smells of different materials; Sit or stand for prolonged periods; Walk, run, kneel, stoop, crawl and crouch; Make precise and coordinated finger,
hand and limb movements; Maintain uniform, controlled hand-arm posture or movement; Push, pull or drag an adult (averaging 160 pounds); Lift and carry
boxes of evidence (average 50 pounds); Use force to restrain/subdue others; Work efficiently for long periods of time.  


Work is performed in a variety of field and office settings and may require exposure to dangerous and life-threatening situations. Must be
willing to carry a firearm on and off the job; mentally and physically capable of taking the life of another, if justified; willing to work any hour of the
day or night (shift work), overtime, weekends, on call and holidays; work at any location in the City and travel on specific assignments.   

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