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City Attorney

City of Royston

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The City of Royston will accept sealed written proposals from interested Legal Services companies to provide professional services as the "City Attorney" for the City of Royston, Georgia.  In any case, the attorney who would serve as the primary legal counsel to the City of Royston  must be named in this proposal.

All sealed proposals should be submitted to:    City Manager/City of Royston

                                                                           684 Franklin Springs St.

                                                                           Royston, GA 30662

Proposals should be received at City Hall no later than 4:00 pm on June 30, 2022.  All proposals should be sealed in an envelope or box and clearly marked "Professional Services Proposal, City Attorney for the City of Royston" on the outside.  Proposals may be emailed to 

The City of Royston reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and waive any informalities during the RFP process.  The City may make such investigations as deemed necessary to ensure that the companies have the requisite experience, skills, and resources to serve the needs of the City throughout the term of the contract.  In all cases, the needs and requirements of the City will be considered first.  The proposal will be used for the purpose of generating a negotiated agreement with the City of Royston.

The agreement is intended to provide for the professional service of City Attorney for the City of Royston.  The City Attorney is a professional, specialized position serving as the general legal counsel in city-related matters for the Mayor and Council of the City of Royston, City Department Heads, and designated boards, commissions, authorities, or committees.  The vendor will provide all equipment, personnel, expertise, facilities, financial resources, and management for this service.

All bid proposals shall be presented in a unit price for hourly labor and shall contain any other information requested herein.

Requests for additional information and questions may be addressed to:  City Clerk, City of Royston, 684 Franklin Springs Street, Royston, GA 30662.  706-245-7232 or Fax 706-245-7868

Any requests for information or questions must be received no later than Monday, June 20, 2022, at 4:30 pm.

Proposals should include the following information:

1.  Brief profile and history of qualifications, including professional legal experience, especially in the area of local      government/municipal law.

2.  Hourly rates for the designated City Attorney.

3.  Hourly rates for all associates that may perform work for which the City will be billed.

4.  Hourly rates to be assessed for any and all non-attorney personnel (i.e. paralegals, support staff, etc.) for work      performed for the City of Royston.

5.  Provide information showing experience, demonstrated competence, and qualifications of the City Attorney as      well as associates as applicable.

6.  Provide three references regarding ability to serve as City Attorney.

7.  Provide an office, personnel, and contact number for inquiries.

8.  Vendor will provide proof of Liability Insurance of at least $1 million.

                                                          Minimum Qualifications

1.  Current Member in good standing with the State of Georgia, with no history of disciplinary actions, and is       admitted to practice before the appellate courts of the State of Georgia.

2.  At least three years' experience, consecutive to this request for proposal, as an attorney practicing within the general area of work associated with the duties described herein.





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