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City of Dawson Georgia



The City of Dawson is requesting proposals and qualifications for City Attorney
services from firms experienced in municipal law.


The City of Dawson, located in Terrell County Georgia, with a population
of 4400 and an area of approximately 3 square miles governed by a City Council composed of a Mayor and six (6) Council persons. The city has a strong City Manager form of Government

    Historically the City has retained a private firm or firms to provide City Attorney
    and court services. 


The City Council will review proposals and qualifications of submitting firms and if
necessary, conduct interviews of all or a few of the firms. Upon the decision of the
City Council the firm will be appointed to provide City Attorney services.


  1. Responses must include complete information as described in this request. Six

       (6) copies shall be submitted by 3:00 p.m. on September 1, 2022

                               Roxie Powell

City Clerk
City of Dawson
P.O. Box 190

101 South Main St.

Dawson, Georgia 39842

  1. To ensure fairness and uniformity, firms submitting responses are requested to
    not contact City staff or the City Council. Questions about this RFP may be

            sent by e-mail to   prior to the submission.

  1. The City will not reimburse any expenses incurred by the firm submitting
    responses including, but not limited to, expenses associated with the
    preparation and submission of the response and attendance at interviews.



  1. The City reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, to request additional
    information from any and all Proposers.


A. Firm Background:

               1.      Brief history of firm

  1. Number of attorneys, including number of partners and associates and
    areas of specialty

               3.     Support personnel: number and expertise

               4.     Office organization and support capabilities

               5.     Office location(s)

  1. Current use of technology, especially capability for computerized legal
    research and for sharing and editing documents electronically.
  2. Statement of any malpractice claims and/or ethics complaints taken
    against your firm or firm's attorney(s) over the last five years and the
    status or outcomes of such action. Indicate whether any action is
    pending or is currently under review by the State Ethics Board.


  1. Describe malpractice insurance: Carrier, exemptions, limits and special conditions.

B. Attorney Qualifications:


carrier, limits, and




  1. Identify the specific attorney who will serve as the lead attorney and
    indicate the following:
  • Academic training and degrees
  • Description of background and experience
  • Description of prior municipal experience including cities served in a
    similar capacity
  • List of litigation in communities where designated attorney served as
    lead attorney and outcomes of litigation
  1. Identify attorney who will serve in the lead attorney's absence, and
    provide information as requested in No. 1 above.
  2. Identify other attorneys and support staff who will supply services for
    which the city will be charged.
  3. Indicate current responsibilities of person designated to serve as lead



  1.    List of cities you currently represent and what types of service.
  2. List of cities you began representing in the last three years and cities you
    stopped representing in the last three years.
  3. Names, telephone numbers, and contact person of at least five (5) clients
    references, at least two (2) of which shall be cities.
  4. Description of the firm's view of their responsibilities to the City in the
    provision of legal services.
  5. Copy of Malpractice/liability Insurance Certificate in a minimum amount of

H. Conflict of Interest:

  1. Indicate whether designated lead attorneys or the law firm represent, or
    have represented, any client whose representation may conflict with
    your ability to provide legal services to the City.
  2. Indicate whether designated lead attorneys or the law firm currently
    represent any real estate developers. If so, please identify those
    companies or persons in detail and provide a percentage breakdown of
    how much this work represents of your firm's total billings.
  3. Indicate whether designated lead attorneys or the law firm currently
    represents any other local units of government having jurisdiction
    within, or contiguous to, the City of Dawson.
  4. Identify what procedures your firm utilizes to identify and resolve
    conflicts of interest.

           I.       Fees:

  1. Firms desiring to be considered for City Attorney services shall indicate
    the hourly rate for City Attorney and other attorneys and support staff
    that may be working on City business.
  2. Firms shall indicate all other costs and reimbursables including meeting
    attendance, travel (per mile), telephone, printing, photocopying, etc.
  3. Firms shall indicate the minimum increment of time billed for each
    service including phone calls, correspondence and personal

VI.       City Attorney Services Requirements

       Following are the primary responsibilities:


  1. Attend City Council meetings and other meetings as requested by the
    City Council or City Clerk.
  2. Draft and/or review ordinances, resolutions, and correspondence, as
  3. City administers and enforces the building & fire codes mandated by the state. Provide knowledge your firm possess of codes, zoning and other property matters.
  4. Advise the Mayor, Council Members, and City Clerk on city
    legal matters.
  5. Prepare and/or review municipal contracts, such as contracts for public
    improvements, joint powers of agreements, construction, and purchase
    of equipment.
  6. Represent City in matters related to the enforcement of City ordinances/
  7. Research and submit legal opinions on municipal or other legal matters,
    as requested by Mayor and Council or City Clerk and City Manager.
  8. Meet with the City Council, City Clerk and City Manager as needed to
    review status of all legal matters before the City.
  9. Provide legal briefings as requested to City Council and Staff regarding
    new or proposed legislation affecting municipal operations and
  10. Provide written update on new State or Federal legislation or judicial
    decisions impacting the city and suggested action or changes in
    operations or procedures to assure compliance.
  11. Provide advice on open meeting law, data practice, records retention
    and privacy issues.
  12. Represent the City in employment related issues, arbitration,
    administrative hearings and in litigation involving same, contracts
    and negotiations.
  13. Interpret and advise with respect to municipal employment matters
    including, but not limited to, ADA, personnel policy, FLSA, Veterans'
    Preference, unemployment compensation.
  14. Defend City in litigation (except in those cases where insurance
    companies are required to provide defense) including, but not limited to,
    1) human rights claims; 2) condemnation; 3) permits and administrative
    actions; and 4) employment matters.



15.  Defend City in uninsured claims and other insurance matters.

  1. In coordination with Bond Counsel, review of financing, special
    assessments, bonds and insurance requirements required by or for City
    contracts or activities.
  2. Represent City in the acquisition of properties for public improvements,
    easements, and parks.
  3. Represent City in condemnation proceedings for public improvement

19.  Represent City in workers' compensation matters.

20.  Initiate litigation on behalf of City as requested by City Council.

21.  Interpret and advise regarding State land use statutes and City Code.

  1. Interpret and advise regarding laws relating to Comprehensive Plans
    and approvals.

23.  Interpret and advise regarding impact fees and legal uses.

24.  Advise and represent the city on environmental matters.

  1. Prepare and/or review the following as requested by City Council,
    Clerk and City Manager:
  1. Vacation of Rights-of-way
  2. Special Assessments
  3. Business Subsidy Agreements
  4. Development Agreements

26.  Knowledge and experience with Tribal Law


  1. The City of Dawson reserves the right to cancel or amend the request for
    proposals at any time. The City reserves the right to determine the
    successful respondent. The City reserves the right to reject any or
    all proposals.
  2. The City of Dawson will not be liable for any costs incurred by the firm
    responding to this request.
  3. The firm shall not assign any interest in this proposal and shall not transfer any
    interest in the same without the prior written consent of the City of Dawson.



  1. For the purposes of this agreement, the consultant shall be deemed to be an
    independent contractor, and not an employee of the organization. Any and all
    agents, servants, or employees of the firm or other persons, while engaged in the
    performance of any work or services required to be performed by the City of Dawson under this agreement, shall not be considered employees of the City and any and all actions which arise as a consequence of any act or omission on the part of the firm, its agents, servants, employees or other persons shall in no way be the obligation or responsibility of the City. The consultant, its agents, servants, or employees shall be entitled to none of the rights, privileges, or benefits of organization employees except as otherwise may be stated herein.
  2. No official or employee of the City of Dawson who exercises any responsibilities
    in the review, approval or carrying out of the proposal shall participate in any
    decision which affects his or her direct or indirect personal or financial interest.



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