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Department: PUBLIC WORKS
Job Status: Full-Time
Days Worked: Mon., Tue., Thu., Fri.
Rate of Pay: $37,013.09 - $48,816.14  


The purpose of this classification is to perform mechanical work involving servicing, maintenance, and repair of vehicles, light/heavy equipment, maintenance equipment, and other automotive/mechanical machinery.


  • Performs general mechanical repair work on emergency vehicles such as fire trucks aerial platforms, rescue and police vehicles, trucks, light equipment, heavy machinery, gasoline/diesel engines, generators, or other automotive/mechanical equipment.
  • Inspects, tests, and diagnoses problems involving various systems/components of vehicles or equipment, such as gasoline/diesel engines, ignition systems, computerized engine controls, electronic fuel injection systems, transmissions, differentials, steering systems, electrical systems, suspension systems, hydraulic systems, brake systems, drive train systems, engine cooling systems, fuel systems, charging systems, starting systems, exhaust systems, emission systems, inflatable restraint systems, heating/air conditioning systems, lighting systems, cameras/recorders, sirens, or horns.
  • Examines vehicles to determine necessary repair or maintenance work; conducts diagnostic computer testing; consults with drivers or equipment operators to obtain input on problems, assist in diagnosing problems, or prevent future problems; assesses body damage to vehicles; determines parts/supplies necessary to conduct repairs.
  • Performs appropriate repair, removal, replacement, rebuilding, or maintenance work on vehicle/equipment systems and components; removes or replaces brakes, brake pads, wheels, steering components, shocks, transmissions, vehicle cylinder heads, differentials, suspension springs, starters, alternators, water pumps, thermostats, radiators, flywheels, fuel injectors, or other components; removes or replaces engines, engine parts, and engine gaskets; checks engine timing and performance; turns, replaces, or resurfaces rotors/drums; replaces rings, bearings, and universal joints; repairs/replaces clutches; repairs or rebuilds carburetors and generators; adjusts, repairs, or relines brakes; inspects, cleans, and paints wheels/rims; performs front end alignments; replaces fuel pumps and injection pumps; repairs emergency generators; repairs air conditioning systems and recovers refrigerant; installs, removes, repairs, or replaces doors, lifts, seats, radios, lights, windows, mirrors, or emergency sirens; repairs aerial ladder systems, pumps, cameras, recording systems, and customized electrical systems on fire/police emergency vehicles/equipment; installs decals and logos on vehicles as appropriate.
  • Performs minor body repair and general welding work; cuts metal, fills holes, and welds metal components; repairs broken/cracked parts or fabricates new parts; installs chains, hooks, and other metal components; repairs minor body/frame damage; heats/straightens body panels and removes minor dents; welds doors and side panels.
  • Performs routine and preventive maintenance on vehicles and equipment; pumps fuel into vehicles; prepares vehicles for seasonal conditions; checks fluid levels and replaces fluids as needed; drains/replaces oil; cleans replaces batteries and filters; removes/replaces belts, hoses, fuses, bulbs, blades, skids, and other parts; flushes radiators and coolant systems; replaces spark plugs and wires; lubricates mechanical parts and greases equipment; services air conditioning systems; checks air pressure level of tires; patches holes/punctures in tires; repairs/replaces damaged tires; rotates and balances tires.
  • Tests vehicles, machinery, equipment, and parts for proper operations; conducts road tests of vehicles undergoing repair.
  • Operates a variety of machinery, equipment, and tools associated with repairing, maintaining and testing vehicles and equipment, which may include a motor vehicle, utility truck, backhoe, tractor, heavy machinery, light equipment, forklift, vehicle lift, hydraulic jack, engine analyzer, tire machine, tire changer, battery charger, brake lathe, air compressor, pressure washer, generator, refrigerant recovery machine, drill, drill press, metal grinder, pump, welder, cutting torch, gauges, meters, diagnostic instruments, testing instruments, mechanic tools, or two-way radio.
  • Coordinates warranty work and outsourced repair/maintenance work with local dealers, garages, or other service providers.
  • Picks up and delivers vehicles from/to various locations; makes emergency service calls for disabled vehicles or equipment at work sites or on the road.
  • Transports, loads, and unloads various equipment, parts, and materials used in projects.
  • Performs general cleaning/maintenance tasks necessary to keep tools/equipment in operable condition, which may include inspecting equipment, greasing equipment, washing/cleaning vehicles and equipment, or cleaning shop/work areas; monitors equipment operations to maintain efficiency and safety; reports faulty equipment.
  • Monitors inventory of department equipment, parts, tires, tools, and supplies; ensures availability of adequate materials to conduct work activities; initiates requests for new/replacement materials; researches specifications, sources, availability, and prices of parts; receives incoming materials; picks up/delivers materials as needed.
  • Follows safety procedures, utilizes safety equipment, and monitors work environment to ensure safety of employees and other individuals; reports accidents and incidents.
  • Maintains vehicle/equipment service records, warranty records, or other documentation of work activities. 
  • Prepares or completes various forms, reports, correspondence, logs, checklists, work orders, inspection forms, maintenance/repair records, charts, purchase requisitions, or other documents.
  • Receives various forms, reports, correspondence, work orders, invoices, vehicle/equipment maintenance records, diagrams, schematics, flow charts, service manuals, service bulletins, safety recall notices, material safety data sheets, parts catalogs, directories, policies, procedures, reference materials, or other documentation; reviews, completes, processes, forwards, or retains as appropriate.
  • Operates a computer to enter, retrieve, review, or modify data; verifies accuracy of entered data and makes corrections; utilizes database or other computer programs.
  • Communicates with supervisor, employees, inmate workers, community service workers, other departments, vendors, service providers, the public, outside agencies, and other individuals as needed to coordinate work activities, review status of work, exchange information, or resolve problems.
  • Maintains an awareness of new parts/equipment, procedures, trends, and advances in the profession; reads professional literature; attends workshops and training sessions as appropriate.
  • Provides assistance to other employees or departments as needed.
  • Performs other related duties as required.


Education and Experience:

Requires a High School Diploma or equivalent; and two (2) years of related experience that includes mechanics, automotive/mechanical maintenance, welding work, equipment operation, and vehicle operation, or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Special Qualifications:                                                            

Must possess and maintain valid Forklift Operator Certification. Tasks involving recovery of refrigerant require possession and maintenance of valid Air Conditioning Refrigerant Recovery Certification. Must possess and maintain a valid Georgia Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) including appropriate endorsement(s).

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Ability to determine, calculate, tabulate, and/or summarize data; ability to perform subsequent actions in relation to these computational operations.
  • Ability to exchange information for the purpose of clarifying details within well established policies, procedures, and standards.
  • Ability to overhaul, restore, renovate, construct, and/or rebuild equipment, machinery, or objects, requiring adherence to prescribed standards and specifications; ability to operate and control the actions of the same equipment, machinery, and/or objects.
  • Ability to utilize a wide variety of reference and descriptive data and information.
  • Ability to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; ability to calculate decimals and percentages; ability to utilize principles of fractions; ability to interpret graphs.
  • Ability to apply principles of rational systems; ability to interpret instructions furnished in written, oral, diagrammatic, or schedule form; ability to exercise independent judgment to adopt or modify methods and standards to meet variations in assigned objectives.
  • Ability to exercise judgment, decisiveness, and creativity in situations involving evaluation of information against measurable or verifiable criteria.


The work is very heavy work which requires exerting in excess of 100 pounds of force occasionally and/or in excess of 50 pounds of force frequently or constantly to lift, carry, push, pull, or otherwise move objects, including the human body.


  • Repetitive Motion: Substantial movements (motions) of the wrist, hands, and/or fingers.
  • Speaking: Expressing or exchanging ideas by means of the spoken word including the ability to convey detailed or important spoken instructions to other workers accurately and concisely.
  • Visual Acuity: Have close visual acuity to perform an activity such as: preparing and analyzing data and figures; transcribing; viewing a computer terminal; and/or extensive reading.


Work may be performed with exposure to adverse environmental conditions, such as dirt, dust, pollen, odors, wetness, humidity, fumes, temperature and noise extremes, machinery, vibrations, electric currents, traffic hazards, bright/dim light, or toxic agents.

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