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The City of Greensboro (the “City”) is soliciting resumes and proposals from qualified persons or firms to provide the following financial management services for and on behalf of the City (collectively, the “Services”):

1. Provide accurate and timely accounting reports, prompt processing and payment of invoices, and issuance of statements for accounts receivable. Ensure that the City is properly utilizing and accounting for general and special funding. Plan, organize, direct, and integrate the City’s financial management, accounting, and business services, including, without limitation, budget controls, receipt and disbursement of funds, financial performance statements (e.g., general ledger), and other fiscal activities.

2. Manage the City’s financial services, including public financing, debt management, accounting operations, performance reporting, and related business services. The employee or consultant will review and update the City’s accounting records and will assist the City with the development and implementation of financial processes and process improvements.

3. Develop accounting controls governing all financial activity. Ensure separation of activities, access to and accounting of assets, and proper execution of transactions. Ensure proper closing of the general ledger for year--‐end financial reporting. This includes all special funding, current accounting expenditures, deferred revenue balances, and employee--‐ based accounts. The employee or firm will also assist with the coordination of the City’s annual audit report with independent auditors.

4. Review financial record--‐keeping procedures, techniques, and methods. Recommend and implement new or improved procedures and techniques, assuring efficiency and compliance with policies and applicable government regulations. Train and supervise clerical accounting staff. Ensure that staff members are properly trained. Perform any other duties assigned from time to time that support the overall objective of the position. The City estimates that the selected person or firm will perform the Services 8--‐20 hours per week. The selected person or firm will work with, and report directly to, the city manager. A person or firm interested in performing the Services must submit a signed and dated written resume or proposal to the City containing the following information:

5. Experience with Municipalities Credit Rating.

1. Person or firm’s name, address, contact information, and the name of the primary contact in reference to the resume or proposal.

2. Brief information concerning the person or firm (e.g., background, size, types of services provided, experience, and types of similar engagements). The City utilizes a municipal integrated software system (Harris Local Government ). The resume or proposal should identify whether (a) the person or firm has any experience with Harris Local Goverment or other similar software systems, and (b) if not, whether the person or firm is willing and capable of learning to operate the Harris Local Goverment software system. 3. Identification of the person(s) who will be assigned and responsible to perform the Services. 4. Identification of the monthly wages/fees the person or firm desires to receive for the performance of the Services. To be considered, please submit your resume or proposal to City Manager, Jarvis Sims, via email at or by mail or hand delivery at the appropriate addresses provided below:

Mail: City of Greensboro Jarvis Sims City Manager 212 N Main Street Greensboro, Ga 30642

Hand Delivery: City of Greensboro Jarvis Sims City Manager 212 N Main Street Greensboro, Ga. 30642

Please mark clearly on the outside of your resume or proposal “Finance Manager.” Resumes or proposals must be received by the City on or before 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 30, 2023. Resumes or proposals received after the deadline date/time may not be considered. The City reserves the right to reject any and all resumes or proposals and/or waive any and all formalities if in the City’s best interests. If a person or firm is selected, the City and the selected person or firm will enter into a contract (i.e., employment agreement or independent contractor agreement) concerning the Services. The contract will contain terms and conditions required under applicable law and will otherwise be in form and content satisfactory to the City. If you have any questions regarding this solicitation, please contact Jarvis Sims (706)453-7967

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