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CLOSING DATE: Open until positions are filled.


The City of Cordele, a local municipal government in South Georgia serving a population of approximately 12,000 citizens is actively searching for Police Corporal candidates. Located 100 miles North of the Florida state line, and served by three exits on Interstate 75, Cordele is the commercial hub of Crisp County and offers excellent growth opportunities for hotels, restaurants, retail, recreational and healthcare facilities.


A skilled position responsible for protecting life and property and enforcing Municipal, State and traffic laws and other duties pertaining to the prevention, control, suppression and deterrence of crime.  Under the direct supervision of the assigned on-duty Sergeant of the Field Services Division.


Performs manual tasks that require physical stamina and the use of hand tool, cameras, radios, police equipment, vehicles, firearms and other weapons.  Duties are often performed in stressful situations and during inclement weather.  Acts as shift supervisor in the absence of the Sergeant. Some examples of these duties are:

  • Operates police vehicles and radios safely while abiding by department policies.
  • Enforces Municipal and State criminal and traffic laws.
  • Employs hand tools, chemicals, firearms, tazers and other weapons.  Trains in the use of all tools, weapons and equipment to ensure proficiency and compliance with use of force policies.
  • Protects people, places and things.
  • Prevents crime through aggressive patrol, foot patrol and passive observation.
  • Secures crime scenes and assists in processing crime scenes.
  • Collects, tags and secures evidence including completing evidence and chain of custody forms.
  • Testifies and provides evidence in court cases.
  • Conducts traffic stops and issues citations and warnings.  Directs traffic including school zones.
  • Operates computer information system.
  • Investigates citizen complaints, misdemeanor and felony crimes, and accidents.
  • Makes frequent contact with the public often involving dangerous and mentally unstable people, vicious animals and juveniles sometimes involving physical contact during altercations.
  • Exposed to witnessing traumatic injuries and accidents.  Administers first-aid.
  • Conducts routine search and seizure procedures.
  • Transports prisoners and conducts courtroom security.
  • Trains and drills in police methods, technology, systems, first-aid and Municipal and State laws and codes.  Maintains equipment, apparatus and physical facilities.
  • Works with other local and State agencies.
  • Conducts security inspections on buildings, structures, premises and vehicles.
  • Prepares extensive and grammatically correct written and oral reports.
  • Fingerprints persons using both ink and live-scan technology.
  • Requests arrest and search warrants.
  • Conducts effective and legal investigations and interrogations to obtain necessary information.
  • Analyses situations and adopts quick, effective and reasonable courses of action and conflict resolutions.
  • Other duties as may be assigned from time to time.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Minimum education of a High School diploma or equivalent with the scholastic and physical ability to successfully complete the State of Georgia mandated basic police officer training (P.O.S.T.) within one year from date of employment.
  • Must be skilled in written and oral communications, general math, grammar and spelling with the ability to express ideas clearly and concisely.
  • Must be computer literate.
  • Must complete a City of Cordele employment application.
  • Must successfully complete a background check including criminal history, personal and previous employment references, driving history, education verification and job related credit check.
  • Must pass a basic skills examination, psychological assessment, drug/alcohol screening and a job related physical examination. (see attached sheet for requirements)
  • Must pass the Field Training program and follow-up evaluation including qualifications for use of weapons.
  • Must be able to work rotating 12 hour shifts including on-call status, nights, weekends, holidays, court dates and overtime.
  • Must maintain a valid line of communication such as a home or cellular phone.
  • Must possess (or have the ability to obtain) and maintain a valid applicable Georgia Driver’s License with a clean driving record.


  • Dependable and punctual with an excellent attendance record.
  • Neat and clean personal appearance and attire.
  • Ability to perform arduous tasks frequently under strenuous and adverse conditions and hazardous weather often involving personal danger.
  • Knowledge of, or the ability to easily learn, the City street system, physical layout and adjacent areas including businesses and residential locations.
  • Able to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with other employees, supervisors and the general public.


Interested and qualified candidates should submit an online application available at Application packages are also available for pick up at Cordele City Hall, Human Resources – Room 246, 501 7th Street, North, Cordele GA 31015. This position will remain open until filled.


The City of Cordele is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We consider all applicants without regards to race, color, religion, sex – including pregnancy, gender identity and sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital status, veteran status, disability or genetic information, the presence of a non job-related medical condition or handicap, or any other protected status.


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