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Assistant Director, Public Utilities


Listing Summary

Assistant Director, Public Utilities (Open Positions: 1)

Closes On: September 29, 2023 at 11:59 PM EST

Department: Public Utilities
Job Status: Full-Time
Shift: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Days Worked: Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri.
Rate of Pay: $84,107.62 - $105,134.53 


Job Summary

The Assistant Director, Public Utilities provides oversight of the Public Utilities Department, including the direct supervision of the Natural Gas Superintendent, Water & Sewer Superintendent, and the Wastewater Superintendent. The Assistant Director collaborates with the Director of Public Utilities on critical matters and organizational policies.

Essential Job Functions

• Supervises the work of all division heads and trains, supervises, motivates and evaluates the work of all assigned personnel;
• Assists with the management of all functions, programs and operations of the City’s natural gas, water, reclaimed water and sewage systems and the waste water treatment plant facility;
• Assists with the planning, directing, and coordinating of the Department’s work plans, assigns projects and programmatic areas of responsibility, reviews and evaluates work methods and procedures, meets with key staff to identify and resolve problems;
• Ensures that product and services are adequate, continuous, economical, and safe for all customers and are provided in accordance with all laws, rules, regulations and standards to enhance public health, and to protect the environment;
• Assists with the establishing appropriate service and staffing levels; monitors and evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of programs, policies and operational needs, identifies opportunities for improvement, directs and implements appropriate changes;
• Develops plans and programming, formulates budgetary data, assigns job duties, conducts employee evaluations, prepares contractual obligations, develops educational curriculum, and reports parameters as they relate to the overall programming of the office;
• Provides and initiates recommendations, reports and studies on a variety of Utility functions, projects, plans and operations, and presents them both orally and written to the Director of Public Utilities, the Assistant City Manager, the City Manager and the Mayor & City Council;
• Assists with the construction of new facilities or capital improvement projects, and maintains records in order to ensure compliance with plans and specifications;
• Performs short and long range planning concerning future needs and availability of natural gas, water, reclaimed water, and sanitary sewer services; and upgrades to the waste water treatment plant;
• Determines and recommends to the Director of Public Utilities, the Assistant City Manager, the City Manager and the Mayor & City Council all user charges, fees and assessments for natural gas, potable water, waste water, and reclaimed water;
• Ensures that department activities comply with Federal and State (GDOT and EPD) regulations;
• Assists with the directing and coordinating of negotiation and complex utility agreements with divergent interests for us of natural gas, water, wastewater treatment.
• Performs other related work as assigned or required.

Requirements to Perform Work

Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science or a closely related field;
• Five (5) years of progressively responsible experience in the natural gas, water, waste water and/or related field,
• Extensive knowledge of local, state and federal laws, codes, regulations, acts and policies concerning all or some of the following areas: natural gas and/or water distribution systems, sanitary sewer collection systems, waste water treatment plant operations, construction and maintenance procedures, civil engineering principles and practice, public administration, municipal accounting and budget administration;
• Skills in strategic planning, organization and decision-making, supervision of personnel, public speaking and public relations, oral and written communication;
• Or equivalent combination of training, education and/or experience; and
• Valid State of Georgia Driver’s License;

Preferred Qualifications -

• Natural Gas System Operator Certification;
• Waste Water Collection System Operator Certification;
• Water Treatment Operator Certification;
• Or ability to obtain all within 24 months.

Additional Information

The selected candidate must complete the following requirements prior to starting work with the City of Statesboro:

  • Background Investigation
  • Pre-Employment Urinalysis
  • Pre-Employment Physical (If Applicable)

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