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RFP For Solid Waste and Recycling Services

Avondale Estates

Listing Summary

City of Avondale Estates

Request for Proposals

to provide
Residential and Commercial
Municipal Solid Waste and Recycling
Collection and Disposal Services

Proposal Schedule

Advertisement of RFP       9/08/2023

Pre-proposal conference   2:00 PM   9/22/2023

Submission of questions concerning RFP (via email)   5:00 PM   10/06/2023

Response to questions and or addenda posted on City website   5:00 PM   10/13/2023

Submission of Proposals   4:00 PM   10/27/2023

Staff recommends top-scoring proposal to Board of Mayor and Commissioners  5:30 PM   11/17/2023

Contract negotiated and executed   5:00 PM   First Quarter of 2024

Qualifications and proposals must be received by October 27, 2023

at or
Avondale Estates City Hall, 21 North Avondale Plaza, Avondale Estates, Ga. 30002


City of Avondale Estates. 1
Request for Proposals. 1
1. Invitation to Service Providers. 4
2. Background. 5
3. Terms and Definitions. 5
4. Instructions to Service Providers. 9
4.1 Intent 9
4.2 Examination. 9
4.3 Determination of Successful Service Provider 9
4.4 Responsiveness. 9
4.5 Proposal Form.. 9
4.6 Submission of Proposals. 9
5. Introduction. 10
5.1 General 10
5.2 Purpose. 10
5.3 Term of Contract 10
5.4 Use of Subcontractors: 10
5.5 Addenda to RFP. 10
5.6 Cost of RFP Preparation and Negotiation. 11
5.7 Disclaimer 11
6.  Scope of Services. 12
6.1 General Service Requirements. 12
6.2 Garbage and Rubbish Collection (Services 1 and 2) 12
6.3 Recyclable Collection (Services 3 and 4) 12
6.4 Bulk Waste and Building Refuse (Service 5) 13
6.5 Monthly Plastic Film Recycling (Service 6) 13
6.6 Regular Service Provision. 13
6.7 Reporting. 14
6.8 Processing Facilities and Methods. 14
6.9 Collection Equipment and Methods. 14
6.10 Missed Collections and Complaint Handling. 15
6.11 Payment to Contractor 15
6.12 Educational and Promotional Programs. 15
6.13 City Facilities. 15
6.14 Purchase of City Vehicles: 15
6.15 Transition of City Employees to Provider 15
7. Required Proposal Contents. 17
7.1 Cover Letter/Executive Summary (1 page) 17
7.2 Staff (1-2 pages) 17
7.3 Project Methodology (4-6 pages) 17
7.4 Fee Proposal (2 pages) 18
7.5 Fleet Purchase (1-2 pages)’ 18
7.6 Employee Transition Plan (1-2 pages) 18
7.7 References (1 page) 18
7.8 Supporting Documents (optional, maximum 5 pages) 18
8. Selection and Contract Process. 19
8.1 Selection of Finalists. 19
8.2 Oral Presentations. 19
8.3 Negotiations. 19
8.4 Contract Formation. 19

1. Invitation to Service Providers

The City of Avondale Estates, Georgia (henceforth, “City”) invites service providers to submit proposals responsive to the specific requirements set forth in this request for proposals (RFP). The City will receive sealed technical and fee proposals until October 27, 2023 at 4:00 PM.


A pre-proposal conference has been scheduled for September 22, 2023 at 2:00 pm via Teams. All Service Providers who intend to submit a response are strongly encouraged to attend the pre-proposal conference. A link to the virtual meeting, as well as any questions and/or specifications that may need clarification, should be requested via email through Patrick Bryant at The City’s responses to questions will be placed on the City website, It shall be the Service Provider’s responsibility to seek clarification as early as possible prior to the opening of Proposals. Please note:

  • Proposals should be addressed to:

City of Avondale Estates

Attn: Patrick Bryant

21 N Avondale Plz

Avondale Estates, GA 30002

  • Proposals should be plainly marked “RFP#2023-1 Proposal for Residential and Commercial Recycling Collection and Disposal Services.”
  • No Proposal may be withdrawn or modified in any way after the deadline for Proposal openings.
  • Submit an electronic copy to Patrick Bryant and/or deliver a flash drive to Avondale Estates City Hall.
  • No faxed or non-electronic submissions of Proposals will be accepted.
  • Proposals will be publicly opened immediately after the close of the submission period and only the name(s) of responding Service Providers and fee Proposal will be mentioned.
  • Proposals must be valid for one hundred-twenty (120) days following the opening date.
  • The Service Providers’ response shall include all information requested in this RFP. The fees shall be the full cost per Unit per month to the City.
  • The City reserves the right to accept or reject any submittal and to waive multiple interviews if the top ranked firm proves satisfactory.  The City of Avondale Estates anticipates making a single award from qualified submissions.
  • All materials submitted in response to this RFP will become the property of the City of Avondale Estates.
  • All expenses incurred by the firm in responding to this /RFP will remain the responsibility of the firm.


2. Background


Avondale Estates is in DeKalb County, Georgia, 8 miles east of downtown Atlanta. The City encompasses 1.3 square miles and is home to approximately 3,500 people. In 2022, the City provided sanitation services to 1,640 households. There are currently 225 businesses active in the City. 65 of those businesses have selected to be provided with commercial sanitation services. That number is subject to growth based on your proposal. The City currently bills residents annually with property taxes based on the number of Residential Living Units on each parcel, and bills businesses annually with Occupation Tax/Business Licenses based on the number of 95-gallon carts in use.


The City is seeking a Service Provider to provide removal, transport, and processing of recyclable materials and municipal solid waste beginning in 2024.



3. Terms and Definitions

Building refuse: waste material resulting from construction, remodeling, repairs and demolition operations on houses, buildings and other structures, including driveways and walks and comprising waste and rejected matter such as excavated earth, stones, bricks, plaster, wallpaper, sheetrock and lathes, lumber, shingles, tile, concrete and waste parts occasioned by the installation or replacement of plumbing, heating systems, electrical work and roofing.

Bulk Waste: mineral matter, metal and wooden furniture, appliances, large metal scraps and wires, automobile or other vehicle bodies, tires or parts, wooden crates, boxes or pallets, dead animals, and any other wastes in a solid or semisolid state (excluding human body excrement), not otherwise defined in this section.

Business: any hotel, motel, industrial, public or semipublic establishment of any nature or kind whatsoever other than residential dwelling units

City Employee: Any employee of the City subject to its personnel policies

Collection Schedule: the defined day(s) of collection authorized by the City.

Contract Area: the area(s) of the City, including any Annexed Areas, within which services will be provided by the Service Provider, during the term of the Contract and any extensions, if granted

Contract Representative: the Service Provider employee responsible for managing service agreement between City and Service Provider

Contractor: The Service Provider that has been selected by the City to provide the Services required by this RFP

Curbside: That location, with respect to a residence, which is most immediately adjacent to a City, State, or Federal street and accessible by the Service Provider’s equipment

Customer: the recipient of collection services, specifically referring to the resident in the Contract Area

Disposal area: a site, location, tract of land, or facility, used or intended to be used for the final disposal of solid waste, garbage, putrescible waste, hazardous waste, or other waste, except that the term shall not include the land or facility used for the disposal of solid waste or other waste from a single-family dwelling on which the owner, occupant or lessee of such land or facility resides.

Disposal Site: a refuse depository including but not limited to sanitary landfills, transfer stations, and waste processing/separation centers licensed, permitted or approved by all governmental bodies and agencies having jurisdiction and requiring such licenses, permits or approvals to receive refuse for processing or final disposal.

Evaluation Committee: group of persons appointed by the City Manager to recommend the Service Provider(s) with the best response to this RFP.

Fee: A dollar amount inclusive of all Service Provider’s costs (overhead, insurance, labor, equipment, advertisements, etc.) general and accounting, and profit charged for a specific service(s).

Garbage: food waste, including waste accumulation of animal or vegetable matter used for or intended for use as food or that attends the preparation, use, cooking, dealing in or storing of meat, fish, fowl, fruit or vegetables.

Hazardous waste: solid or liquid waste material resulting from the manufacture or use of pesticides and drugs (other than normal household use); pathological wastes; highly flammable or explosive wastes; toxic wastes; sewage sludges; and other waste material that the director determines to be a likely hazard to the public health, safety or environment, except radioactive waste materials as provided in rules of the Georgia Department of Human Resources, chapter 270-5-20, entitled "Radioactive Materials".

Landfill: a disposal site for disposing of municipal solid waste.

Missed Collection: collection of properly prepared recyclables or municipal solid waste not performed on the scheduled collection day.

Mixed Paper: includes the following: Magazines, junk mail, phone books, bond or ledger grade, cardboard and paper board packaging. This does not include tissue paper, paper towels, frozen food containers, milk cartons, or paper packaging combined with plastic wax or foil.

Multi-Family Unit: individual residential units in a multi-family structure (i.e., apartment or condominium building) which units are not separately owned, but are owned by one common entity, for which refuse collection using dumpsters and recycling using drop-off carts, is deemed appropriate.

Municipal solid waste: as defined in O.C.G.A. 12-8-22, any solid waste derived from households, including garbage, trash, and sanitary waste in septic tanks and means solid waste from single-family and multifamily residences, hotels and motels, bunkhouses, campgrounds, picnic grounds, and day use recreation areas. The term includes yard trimmings, construction or demolition waste, and commercial solid waste but does not include solid waste from mining, agricultural, or silvicultural operations or industrial processes or operations.

Proposal: An offer or statement of a price and project description in response to a request for materials or services to be rendered to the City or its employees.

Recyclables: materials designated by City Manager to be collected separately from refuse and yard trimmings for diversion from a landfill and conveyed to one or more recyclables processing facility. For this Agreement, Recyclables include Cardboard, Fiber Board, Mixed Paper, Aluminum, Plastic Containers #1-7, excluding Styrofoam. Recyclables do not include Hazardous Waste or items contaminated with food waste.

Recycling: Any process by which materials which would otherwise become refuse are collected, separated, or processed and reused or returned to use in the form of raw materials or products. This specifically excludes depositing recyclables into a landfill or incinerator.

Recycling Services: The collection of recyclables from residential curbsides and from selected commercial establishments, and institutional buildings and transporting same to recycling processors. It includes related activities such as public information and education about recycling, handling complaints about collecting recyclables and reporting pertinent information about the collection of recyclables.

Request for Proposal (“RFP”): executed documents, including documents attached or incorporated by reference, utilized for soliciting proposals in accordance with the RFP procedures and instructions set forth herein.

Residential Living Unit (“RLU”): either a single-family residence or a multi-family dwelling occupied by not more than eight (8) families. A Residential Living Unit shall be deemed to be occupied when water, light, gas, or electric services are being supplied thereto.  For purposes of billing, each single-family unit within a multi-family dwelling shall be counted as a separate unit.

Rubbish: nonrecyclable, household waste derived from places of residence and includes paper, rags, plastics, cartons, boxes, tin and other metal cans, broken glass bottles and jars, crockery, excelsior, rubber, discarded clothing and similar materials.

Service Provider: Any corporation, partnership, individual, sole proprietorship, joint stock company, joint venture, local government, solid waste authority or any other private or public legal entity that has submitted a bid which conforms in all material respects to the requirement set forth in the RFP.

Single Stream Collection: Collecting recyclable material commingled, rather than separated, by providing customers with a single container for all recyclable material. This method increases participation as residents do not have to separate recyclable materials; waste is collected separately.

Staff: Refers to all employees of the Service Provider who perform services for the City.

Street: A public or private way used for public travel.

Submission Date: Refers to the date and time Proposals for this RFP are due to the City.

Waste: any unwanted or discarded material including, but not limited to, building refuse, garbage, hazardous waste, recyclables, rubbish, solid waste, and yard debris.

Waste management collector: any person authorized by the City to collect, recycle, and dispose of waste acceptable for collection.

Yard debris: tree limbs, branches, stumps and logs, twigs, grass and shrub trimmings and clippings, bushes, weeds, leaves and general yard and garden waste materials, excluding stone and dirt rakings and similar waste materials resulting from routine landscaping activities.


4. Instructions to Service Providers

No one representing the Service Provider shall contact any City staff or elected officials from the date the RFP is advertised until the time of official award. The only method of contact allowed is via email to the contact listed in the RFP. All questions or comments will be addressed by addenda.

4.1 Intent

It is intended that the Instructions to Service Providers and Scope of Services shall define and describe the complete services to which they relate.

4.2 Examination

The Service Provider is advised to examine all documents and current parameters of the services in becoming fully informed as to their conditions. This includes the conformity with specific standards and the character, quality and quantity of the reports and services provided. Failure to examine these areas will not relieve the Service Provider of the obligation to furnish all products and services necessary to carry out the provisions of the contract. Current City ordinances applying to waste management may be found at

4.3 Determination of Successful Service Provider

The contract will be awarded to the most responsive and responsible Service Provider according to the process and criteria provided in Section 8 of this RFP.

4.4 Responsiveness

The City will consider the degree to which each Service Provider has submitted a complete Technical and Fee Proposal without irregularities, excisions, special conditions, or alternative proposals for any item unless specifically requested in the RFP.

4.5 Proposal Form

Proposals shall be submitted in the format described in Section 7, including the Fee Proposal form included herein as Attachment A and the Fleet Vehicle Purchase Proposal form included herein as Attachment B. The Service Provider will submit electronic copies of its technical proposal and its price proposal via email to Patrick Bryant and/or portable (flash) drive to Avondale Estates City Hall.

4.6 Submission of Proposals

Proposals received after the scheduled bid opening time and date will remain unopened and will not be considered. Do not include pricing in your proposal other than on the designated Fee Proposal Form (Attachment A) and the Fleet Vehicle Purchase Proposal Form (Attachment B).


5. Introduction

5.1 General

The City is advertising for qualified Service Providers to provide Solid Waste Collection and Recycling Services for the City of Avondale Estates.

5.2 Purpose

The City is issuing this RFP to secure curbside pickup for solid waste and recyclables in the incorporated areas of the City. Through this RFP process, the City seeks to achieve the following goals:

• Secure services at the lowest rate possible by consolidating and contracting for collection services.

• Extend street and road life by minimizing heavy truck traffic in the City.

• Consolidate collection days to minimize the number of days materials are set out and minimize littering.

• Provide a basic level of solid waste management services to meet the waste reduction and disposal needs of residents, commercial businesses, industry, the City, and the State of Georgia.

• Reduce the amount of waste disposed in local and regional landfills through a robust and marketed recycling program.

5.3 Term of Contract

The Initial Term of any contract awarded as a result of this RFP will be for two years. There will be three two-year Renewal Terms unless either party terminates the Term by advance notice no less than sixty days prior to the commencement of the next Renewal Term. To extend the initial term of the contract is not an obligation of the City or future Councils to renew the contract.

5.4 Use of Subcontractors:

Understanding that the City is looking for the best provider for services and do not want to exclude small respondents who may not have the ability to handle the commercial waste, the City will accept bids that utilize subcontractors for the commercial portion of the contract. The bidders must submit a copy of an agreement that exists between the parties with the bid documentation to support the working relationship with said subcontractor.

5.5 Addenda to RFP

The City reserves the right to amend or clarify this RFP by addenda. All addenda issued will become part of the original or modified RFP document. The City will post addenda, if applicable, on the City website, Service Provider must acknowledge receipt of each addendum, if any, in a cover letter accompanying their proposal.

5.6 Cost of RFP Preparation and Negotiation

Service Providers participating in this procurement process and subsequent negotiations will prepare the RFP and any subsequent materials and submittals at their own expense, with the express understanding that there may be no claims whatsoever for reimbursement from the City or its advisors for the cost associated with this process. The City reserves the right to terminate the proposal proceedings at any time.

5.7 Disclaimer

The City and its advisors have, to the best of their knowledge, represented information and data that are current and applicable to this project. The City is providing the information contained herein as a courtesy to the Service Provider. The City and its advisors neither guarantee nor warranty that the information contained in this RFP or referenced documents is accurate and complete. The City and its advisors are not and will not be liable for omissions or errors contained in this RFP. It is the Service Provider's responsibility to use this information and verify the same during the proposal, negotiation, and contract implementation periods through its own due diligence.

6.  Scope of Services

6.1 General Service Requirements

The selected Contractor shall timely and conscientiously, in a professional and diligent manner, provide residential curbside collection of properly prepared solid waste and recyclables on a contracted schedule for approximately one thousand, six hundred forty (1,640) Residential Living Units (“RLUs”) and about 65 licensed businesses within the City of Avondale Estates, Georgia. Contractors should have the capacity to include more businesses if there were to be an increase in business’s requesting services. When the scheduled pickup day falls on a day recognized by the City as a holiday, the Contractor shall coordinate with the City to establish an alternative pickup day for that week.

6.2 Garbage and Rubbish Collection (Services 1 and 2)

The Service Provider should present as part of its proposal a plan either for using existing miscellaneous solid waste containers, or for distributing standardized containers. For example:

The Company will offer all Residential Units and Multi-Family Units a 95-gallon cart. All carts will be maintained in good repair and appearance by the Company. The carts will remain the property of the Company, who will be responsible for replacing faulty or damaged carts to the household. If the household is deemed responsible for the necessary replacement, an appropriate fee will be assessed to the responsible party. Fees shall be listed in the City’s Schedule of Fees. All trash carts will be clearly identified as being provided by “Company as a subcontractor for the City of Avondale Estates.”

Depending on the details of the accepted proposal and corresponding contract, the Contractor shall pick up garbage and rubbish either once or twice per week, using a curbside method. The Provider can propose an alternative using specified trash bags instead of garbage containers.

Additionally, the City currently offers solid waste pick up to the Avondale Estates Condominiums by collecting trash from designated areas adjacent to each building within the complex. The Proposer should include in their proposal a method and cost to provide service to this complex. Recycling within the complex is collected curbside as normal.

6.3 Recyclable Collection (Services 3 and 4)

The Contractor attempt to use the recycling bins currently being used by the City for its RLUs.  In the event the Contractor is not able to negotiate the purchase of the bins currently in use, the Contractor shall provide one at least (1) 18-gallon recycling bin for each Residential Living Unit. Contractor shall replace bins damaged through normal use.  Contractor will replace up to 50 lost or stolen bins per year without cost to the City; bins replaced in excess of 50 in a given year shall be purchased by the City at a price not to exceed $9.00 each.

The Contractor will be required to pick up, at least one time per week, all approved, comingled, recyclable material generated at each household, provided material is placed in an approved collection container.

The Contractor shall collect the following recyclable materials via 18-gallon bins using a single stream methodology:

  • aluminum cans
  • steel cans
  • one through seven plastic bottles and containers, except Styrofoam
  • all grades of paper including but not limited to newspaper, junk mail, magazines, and corrugated cardboard.

6.4 Bulk Waste and Building Refuse (Service 5)

If the Company has the means to provide collection of bulk waste or other waste not suitable for routine pickup for residential and small commercial customers, this option should be included in the proposal. With this option, the Service Provider should submit a plan for curbside pickup of bulk waste and building refuse. The City currently provides this service on call for a $50 fee per ton but excludes building refuse from this service.

6.5 Monthly Plastic Film Recycling (Service 6)

The City would be supportive of a proposal to collect plastic film one time per month from the curb. Bags must be dry, clean, and delivered to a specified recycling center at Nexus Circular (500 Waterfront Dr. SW Atlanta, GA 30336).

6.6 Regular Service Provision

The Company will be free to establish routes to achieve the maximum efficiency of operation. The Company will notify the public of the collection schedule at the time service is established. All route changes must be communicated to both the City and Customers, in writing, thirty (30) days in advance of the effective date. The successful bidder will work with the City to review the current regular service schedule and what if any changes should be made to the schedules. Any changes to regular pickups will need to be communicated to customers in advance of the change.

Curbside collection service may be suspended due to extreme weather or declared emergencies. The Company will stop all work when so directed by the City during severe weather. The Company will complete the work as soon as authority has been granted to proceed. If collection is suspended, Company will perform collection on the next regular collection day.

Pickup days will not be reduced by holidays but may be combined. Pickups normally scheduled on holidays will be rescheduled on the next regular collection day. Company will advertise, a minimum of three (3) times, to all customers schedule changes of holidays at least 10 days before any observed holidays. Company must provide a yearly calendar with the pickup dates for each cycle noted for holidays at the beginning of each calendar year.

The City must approve any schedule changes. The Company must provide a list of holidays that will be observed as well as the schedule for pick-ups for the holidays.

6.7 Reporting

The Contractor will record the weight of all waste collected within the City before processing it. The Contractor will provide the City with a monthly online report including:

a. Complaints/resolution summary,

b. Daily route sheet with attached disposal site weight ticket,

c. Recycling participation,

d. Route operational data form,

e. Vehicle identification number,

f. Daily staffing summary (including substitutions),

g. Landfill tickets,

h. Daily route sheets (including labor hours), and

i. Disposed tonnage of solid waste and recyclables, itemized per day.

The Contractor will maintain, for a period of five years, copies of the monthly reports and invoice, which are to be made available if City requests.

6.8 Processing Facilities and Methods

The Contractor will deliver all solid waste excluding recyclables to the DeKalb County Landfill, where the City has an existing account, or to their own landfill if applicable. Reimbursement for the tonnage should be included in the monthly invoice with attached back-up if the City is paying for the tonnage. The Service Provider may present all alternatives as part of its proposal.

All recyclable items must be recycled at an approved single-stream recycling facility; ownership of the recyclable materials shall become the property of the single-stream processor mutually agreed to by the City and Contractor throughout the duration of the contract and any Recyclables over 15% contaminated can be taken to landfill.

The Contractor is prohibited from collecting separated Recyclables from a Unit and mixing them with refuse unless the City grants prior written approval. The Contractor is prohibited from disposing of Recyclable materials in any landfill. The City reserves the right to make necessary and reasonable changes, revisions, additions, or deletions to the designated types of Recyclable materials collected.

The Contractor will not collect non-recyclable materials if they are placed into the 18-gallon bin provided for recycling. Whenever non-recyclable materials are placed in the container, the Contractor will leave the materials in the container along with a notice to the resident.

6.9 Collection Equipment and Methods

Contractor will keep all equipment in safe operating condition and in proper repair, in a clean, sanitary, and presentable condition. Vehicles must be painted uniformly with the name of the Contractor. Any equipment not functioning properly shall be replaced or repaired before returning to operation.

The Contractor will make collections with a minimum of noise and disturbance to the householder between specified hours. Collection hours are between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. The work will be done in a sanitary manner. The Contractor’s employees will pick up trash or recyclables spilled by the Contractor immediately. All areas where glass has been broken or dropped will be swept clean and glass deposited in the truck.

6.10 Missed Collections and Complaint Handling

All complaints shall be made directly to the Contractor and shall be given prompt and courteous attention. In the case of alleged missed solid waste or recycling collections, the Contractor shall investigate and, if such allegations are verified, shall arrange for collection within 24 hours after the complaint has been received. Contractor will submit to the City a monthly report of missed collections in conjunction with invoice.

6.11 Payment to Contractor

The City will be responsible for billing customers and collecting all payments for collection, transportation and disposal of the materials collected. Invoices in conjunction with the reports submitted to the City will be paid monthly according to the terms and conditions of the contract negotiate with the successful Contractor.

6.12 Educational and Promotional Programs

The Contractor shall provide outreach, educational and/or promotional programs for waste reduction and recycling that will be provided to the City at the Contractor’s expense.

6.13 City Facilities

The following equipment and service levels shall be provided at no charge to the City. Contractor is required to provide one (1) 95-gallon container for recycling at City Hall and three (3) 95-gallon containers for garbage and rubbish. The containers shall be emptied at least once per week, 52 weeks each year.

6.14 Purchase of City Vehicles:

The City maintains a fleet of sanitation vehicles. The fleet includes a

- 2011 Freightliner Garbage Truck

- 2007 Freightliner Garbage Truck

- 2017 Freightliner Garbage Truck

- 2020 Kubota RTV

- 2020 Kubota RTV

Understanding that the vehicles in City sanitation fleet will no longer be required by the City for services. The Provider may include in their proposal a price of their choosing if the Provider wishes to purchase the City fleet. The City reserves the right to negotiate or decline any purchase price submitted by the Provider. The City reserves the right to select a Provider for services but to not select their purchase of the City Fleet.  

6.15 Transition of City Employees to Provider

The City understands with the selection of a Provider for sanitation services up to 10 of the City’s current sanitation employees will no longer be required. The Provider will provide a comprehensive plan on how many City employees the Contractors can hire, how much their compensation would be, and how they would be utilized as part of the work force. The proposal should specify requirements for hiring. In addition to health care and retirement benefits and paid overtime, sanitation employees would need to be hired at a minimum of $17 per hour. The City will prioritize options that employ current City workers at or above their current rate of compensation.


7. Required Proposal Contents

7.1 Cover Letter/Executive Summary (1 page)

The Proposal from any interested Service Provider must include a letter of transmittal attesting to its accuracy, signed by an individual authorized to execute binding legal documents on behalf of the Service Provider. The cover letter shall provide the name, address, telephone number(s) and email address(es) of the Service Provider along with the name, title, address, telephone number and email address of the executive that has the authority to contract with the City. The cover letter shall present the Service Provider's understanding of the Project, a summary of the approach to be undertaken to perform the Services, as well as assign the Service Provider’s point of contact for the Project. This section should highlight aspects of the Service Provider's Proposal which make it superior or unique in addressing the needs of the City.


7.2 Staff (1-2 pages)

The Service Provider shall provide, in this section of the proposal, a description of key staff and personnel that will be assigned to effectively facilitate the requirements of this project. This description will include, at a minimum, the number of permanent employees, part-time employees and an organizational chart reflecting local and corporate assignments and responsibilities. Specifically, the Service Provider must identify what priority will be placed on this project and how the firm intends to provide the initial management and staff. This section should include any employment opportunities for current City sanitation employees as well.

7.3 Project Methodology (4-6 pages)

The Service Provider shall provide, in this section of the proposal, a description of the method(s) that will be used to accomplish the level of services required in the Scope of Services above.  Methods for all areas of the Scope of Services must be described, including:

Transition : The Service Provider shall provide a plan for the seamless transition of recycling services from the previous Contractor, and of other waste collection services from the City’s provision.

Collection Schedule: The Service Provider shall provide its proposed schedule for recyclable and solid waste collection for households and businesses within the City.

Equipment: The Service Provider shall provide the City with a comprehensive list of all equipment, including type of truck, year, model, equipment ID number, and vehicle tare weight that shall be used in fulfilling the contract. This must be provided at the beginning of the contract and upon the request from the City at any time during the contract. This section should include any options for current City equipment and transfer stations as well.

Management of Collected Materials: The Service Provider will provide, in this section, the various disposal facilities it intends to use during the contract period(s.)

Public Education: The Service Provider will submit a waste reduction and recycling public education plan to the City. The plan must include a copy or sample of the public education materials the Company intends to distribute to subscribing households and identify a plan for the development and distribution of such educational materials on an ongoing basis. The Service Provider will also define the intentions of the program and indicate a philosophy of educational outreach.

7.4 Fee Proposal (2 pages)

The proposing Service Provider should use the Fee Proposal Form in Attachment A to propose its best price for each of the services upon which it wishes to bid.  It is not required that any proposing firm bid on every item listed; however, proposers should be aware that the City will select the proposal that best meets its overall needs while considering the selection criteria described below. The City recognizes value in minimizing the number of contractors providing these services.

7.5 Fleet Purchase (1-2 pages)’

The Service Provider should use the Fleet Purchase Proposal form in Attachment B to propose its best price for each of the fleet vehicles upon it wished to bid. It is not required for the firm to bid on the entire fleet. However, the City will prefer firms which intend to bid or purchase more of the fleet.

7.6 Employee Transition Plan (1-2 pages)

The Service Provider should provide a comprehensive plan in how they to transfer current City Sanitation employees to the employment of the Service Provider.

7.7 References (1 page)

The Service Provider should supply the names, organization names, and contact information for at least three governments for which it supplies services similar to those described in this RFP.

7.8 Supporting Documents (optional, maximum 5 pages)

The Service Provider may supply other documentation that demonstrates why it is uniquely positioned to fit the service needs of the City.


8. Selection and Contract Process

8.1 Selection of Finalists

The evaluation criteria below describe the relative importance of various aspects of proposals submitted to the City. It is the City’s intent to evaluate the proposals based on technical merit and price and to choose the Service Provider whose proposal provides the best value to the City. The City reserves the right to waive any irregularities, reject any and/or all proposals, in whole or in part, when, in the City opinion, such rejection is in the best interests of the City. Each proposal will be reviewed by an evaluation team. The evaluation will involve a holistic review of all material provided with a distinct interest in the following components (in no particular order):


  • The firm’s responsiveness to this RFP (20%)
  • Demonstration of understanding of the work to be performed (10%)
  • Qualifications of key personnel (10%)
  • Demonstrated creativity and excellence on similar projects (10%)
  • Anticipated value for price (50%)


NOTE: The City reserves the right to accept a proposal as submitted and enter directly into a contractual agreement with that selected firm. Accordingly, it is imperative submittals contain the Service Providers best possible technical and fee proposals.


8.2 Oral Presentations

Following the evaluation of the proposals, the City’s Evaluation Team may request the top-ranking firms(s) to make an oral presentation and/or be interviewed. If a determination is made that presentations are necessary, the requested Service Providers will be contacted to arrange a mutually acceptable date and time that will be promulgated by the City Manager.

8.3 Negotiations

Following any presentations, the finalist(s) shall be re-evaluated. Should it become necessary, the City Manager shall negotiate with the Service Provider whose proposal is determined to be most advantageous to the City. If negotiations with the highest-ranking Service Provider fail, negotiations shall be initiated with the next highest ranking Service Provider, and so on, until an agreement is reached. The City reserves the right to reject all offers and end the process without executing a contract.

8.4 Contract Formation

If the negotiation process produces mutual agreement, a draft contract shall be constructed and forwarded to the Service Provider for execution and then to the City’s Board of Mayor and Commissioners for acceptance.

The City of Avondale Estates is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any person because of gender, race, color, religion, national origin, or handicap in employment or service provided.

Attachment A – Fee Proposal Form

Complete for those services applicable

Service 1: Residential curbside solid waste collection*

Service   W/ Existing Receptacles or designated bags

Twice-weekly Residential Curbside   $ per RLU:

Weekly Residential Curbside   $ per RLU:

Does cost includes tonnage fee?   Yes or No

Proposal is for what type of receptacle?   Existing, Designated bags, 95 Gallon Carts or other. Please indicate.

Service 2: Commercial curbside solid waste collection*

Every business day commercial curbside   $ per 95-gallon cart:

Three days per week commercial curbside   $ per 95-gallon cart:

Service 3: Residential recycling*

Weekly Residential Recycling   $ per RLU:

Residential recycling, every other week   $ per RLU:

Service 4: Commercial recycling*

Weekly Commercial Recycling   $ per business:

Commercial recycling, every other week   $ per business:

Alternate 4b: Weekly Commercial recycling, mixed paper, and cardboard only

City pays tonnage fees   $ per business:

Contractor pays tonnage fees   $ per business:

Service 5: Residential Bulk Waste and Building Refuse collection.

On-call bulk waste collection   $:

Service 6: Monthly Plastic Film Recycling

Monthly Curbside Pick up   $ per container:

Attachment B – Fleet Purchase Proposal Form

Purchase of Avondale Estates Fleet

Vehicle:                                                   $ for vehicle:

Vehicle:                                                   $ for vehicle:

Vehicle:                                                   $ for vehicle:

Vehicle:                                                   $ for vehicle:

Vehicle:                                                   $ for vehicle:

This proposal is valid until February 3rd, 2024


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